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i haven’t been in the mood to work these past two weeks. maybe it’s because i spent my entire vacation working or i’ve just been randomly hit by the “tamad” bug. but my work is piling up and i have to start concentrating again. this headache of mine is not helping either.

i got rejected by another credit card company again. i don’t know what’s wrong. i have a very comfortable salary. i don’t get why i’m getting rejected. so far hsbc, citibank and aig have rejected my application. super weird talaga. is there some warning out there about me and my shopaholic ways? but if there is, wouldn’t i be a credit card companies dream? hehehe. oh well, not that bummed about it naman. i think if i get a credit card, i’ll be neck high in debt. i’ll try applying after 6 months when i’m sure i would’ve learned a thing or two about properly budgetting my money.

i hate my hair! grabe, so many people have been telling me to grow my hair out already. and i keep on saying that i am. my hair is at it’s ugly phase again which makes me want to go to my stylist and say chop it off. but i want my hair long again and if i keep having it cut it’s not going to grow long. so i’m waiting till the end of feb to have it cut. i’ll have to make do with ponytails in the meantime.

crap! this headache hurts!


i found this in my company’s picture files. this is my don’t-you-dare-be-a-gutter-ball pose. hehehe. i really am not a bowling fan.

ang haba ng hair ko!!! and so wavy!!! shet, it’s gonna take a long time for my hair to grow that long again. 😥

for increasing the number of hits of my blog. hahaha.

this blog was a bit top secret at first because i felt uneasy about letting people read about what i was thinking which, let’s face it, is boring most of the time. so i was suprised when my blog stats started increasing and increasing. thanks to the beauty of wordpress, i saw that the top searches that led to my blog was for mandy moore and eva mendez haircuts. remember my post about cutting my hair and what style to choose? apparently when you search for mandy moore or eva mendez short haircuts, google shows my blog. kakatawa talaga! hahaha.


there are only 3 songs in my playlist right now:

1. turning my safety off – sino sikat

turning my safety off
unclasping my guarded moments for you
nothing here is apropos
and i’m crying out to saints and sinners alike

i’m giving you
all the soul i’ve got
again and again

2. oo – up dharma down

kahit tayoy magkaibigan lang
bumabalik lahat sa tuwing nakukulitan
baka sakali lang maisip mo naman
ako’y nandito lang hindi mo lang alam
matalino ka naman

malas mo
ikaw ang natipuhan ko
hindi mo lang alam ako’y iyong nasaktan

3. as long as you’re mine 

dahil natawa ako sa comment ni jong… this song is from the broadway play wicked which i blogged about before. believe it or not this is the first song i listen to in the morning and the last before i go to sleep. i just love it! 🙂

may theme ba?! hehehe.


just signed-up for twitter. it’s like this sms-based blogging system where you can send an update to a number and it updates in your twitter homepage. you can send updates through web and embed it in your blog or facebook so there are constant updates. it’s cool, like you have this virtual notebook where you can write down all the ideas that you’re feeling for the moment. check it out! 🙂

remember my drama posts? well, i should’ve listened to this song by Rihanna back then because it’s perfect for how i was feeling. but since i’m fine na now listening to it isn’t so hard anymore.

i’ll just post the lyrics that hit home.

did it happen when we first kissed cause it’s hurting me to let it go
maybe cause we spend so much time and i know that it’s no more 
i shoulda never let you hold me baby maybe why i’m sad to see us apart 
i didnt give it to you on purpose can’t figure out how you stole my heart

how did i get here with you i’ll never know
and never meant to let it get so personal
and after all i tried to do to stay away from loving you
i’m broken hearted i can’t let you know
and i won’t let it show, you won’t see me cry

Cry by Rihanna

speaking of rihanna….. jen, lagi na kitang natatandaan pag nakikinig ako sa songs niya. don’t worry, tulungan kita sa goal mo. ang ganda nga ng katawan niya. gusto ko na rin tuloy na maging goal ang katawan niya. tapos kung magagawa ko yun, ako naman lilibre ng trip to europe sa iyo. 😉


at bebs, may solution na ako sa aking i hate my hair, i feel so ugly moments ngayon. dapat sing-katawan ko lang si rihanna. ganyan yung hair ko like yung pictures eh. pero asa pa diba! libre naman mangarap eh. 😛

i’m currently obsessed with…

... victoria's secret lingerie (i really want to buy some and have them shipped here)
... tumblr-ing
... hula-hooping
... learning my old piano pieces again
... expensive stuff i can't afford
... still being kissed ala north & south

That’s the closest to my idea of love: watching the skyline, making out, making mistakes, making believe desire means it’s with somebody else, then breaking up, and, if we’re lucky, forgiveness that comes right before take-off. There, I’ve said it. What more can one want? A lover who loves me as much as the rain. Rain, and, from the opening credits to the closing heart, Gershwin.
~ The Muse This Time by R Zamora Linmark

i love;
...ultimate frisbee;
...the melancholic sound of the cello;
...playing the piano;
...Frederic Chopin, John Williams and Michael Legrand;
...the rain;
...walking in the rain;
...hanging out with my friends;
...being a girly-girl;
...wearing dresses; naturally wavy hair;
...the sound of waves crashing in the shore; and pasta;
...raisin bread;
...Cyrano de Bergarac;;
...Artic Vodka Melon;
...Jose Cuervo Tequila; lomo cameras;
...taking pictures;
...chick flicks that make you believe that finding your one true love is not so impossible; and
...heartwrenchingly beautiful songs that say otherwise

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