i haven’t been in the mood to work these past two weeks. maybe it’s because i spent my entire vacation working or i’ve just been randomly hit by the “tamad” bug. but my work is piling up and i have to start concentrating again. this headache of mine is not helping either.

i got rejected by another credit card company again. i don’t know what’s wrong. i have a very comfortable salary. i don’t get why i’m getting rejected. so far hsbc, citibank and aig have rejected my application. super weird talaga. is there some warning out there about me and my shopaholic ways? but if there is, wouldn’t i be a credit card companies dream? hehehe. oh well, not that bummed about it naman. i think if i get a credit card, i’ll be neck high in debt. i’ll try applying after 6 months when i’m sure i would’ve learned a thing or two about properly budgetting my money.

i hate my hair! grabe, so many people have been telling me to grow my hair out already. and i keep on saying that i am. my hair is at it’s ugly phase again which makes me want to go to my stylist and say chop it off. but i want my hair long again and if i keep having it cut it’s not going to grow long. so i’m waiting till the end of feb to have it cut. i’ll have to make do with ponytails in the meantime.

crap! this headache hurts!