remember my drama posts? well, i should’ve listened to this song by Rihanna back then because it’s perfect for how i was feeling. but since i’m fine na now listening to it isn’t so hard anymore.

i’ll just post the lyrics that hit home.

did it happen when we first kissed cause it’s hurting me to let it go
maybe cause we spend so much time and i know that it’s no more 
i shoulda never let you hold me baby maybe why i’m sad to see us apart 
i didnt give it to you on purpose can’t figure out how you stole my heart

how did i get here with you i’ll never know
and never meant to let it get so personal
and after all i tried to do to stay away from loving you
i’m broken hearted i can’t let you know
and i won’t let it show, you won’t see me cry

Cry by Rihanna

speaking of rihanna….. jen, lagi na kitang natatandaan pag nakikinig ako sa songs niya. don’t worry, tulungan kita sa goal mo. ang ganda nga ng katawan niya. gusto ko na rin tuloy na maging goal ang katawan niya. tapos kung magagawa ko yun, ako naman lilibre ng trip to europe sa iyo. 😉


at bebs, may solution na ako sa aking i hate my hair, i feel so ugly moments ngayon. dapat sing-katawan ko lang si rihanna. ganyan yung hair ko like yung pictures eh. pero asa pa diba! libre naman mangarap eh. 😛