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west side story

truth be told, i wasn’t expecting much out of this production. not because i was undermining the Philippine production but just because the movie was absolutely perfect for me. it still is. however, STAGES production of west side story isn’t bad at all! in fact, i was pretty impressed by the overall production. the set was designed very well considering the different locations the scenes are set in. the lead actors, Christian Bautista as Tony and Joanna Ampil as Maria, were pretty good. the dancing was based on the movie and yet it was pulled off superbly. but i guess what suprised me was how very good the supporting actors were. Anita played by Rowena Vilar was just amazing! her’s was the best performance for me. if you can still find tickets to this play then i suggest you watch it. 😉

yes, another booksale!

powerbooks just recently concluded it’s book sale last month. however, i wasn’t able to buy all the titles i wanted since most of them were out of stock already. now, national book store has a sale till the end of the month and i was only too glad to find some of the books on my list. i’ve bought 3 already…


and i have a few more i’d like to buy before the sale ends. i really am having fun reviving my love for reading. i just hope my wallet can take the damage. hahaha!

the tale of two parties

i attended two birthday parties last saturday night and ended up disgustingly wasted by morning that i don’t really remember anything much from the second party anymore. this isn’t the first time i’ve woken up with a lack of memory of the previous night, but it hasn’t happened in a long time. i believe the last time i was this drunk was in boracay earlier this year.

the first party i went to was a suprise birthday party for yug. i started out with one san mig light then they started serving this tasty concoction of what seemed like gin and pineapple juice that was supposed to be drank as shots. after joy and i had a shot, we thought it’d be fine to drink it through a straw. hahaha! so we poured some in our glasses and proceeded to make it a ladies drink. figures, that i’d get pissed drunk right? anyway, i also had two shots of whiskey, one shot of vodka and joy and i drank one beer straight up. by the time we left yug’s party a few minutes before 12midnight i was already giggling like crazy.

still completely sober in these first two pictures

my first shot of whiskey in the first pic and melai and me pouting in the second pic

which leads me to the second party… normann’s supposed “debut”. hahaha! i remember getting there. i also remember a shot of gin (probably) because i wasn’t in hippie attire. then i also remember a bottle of red horse. after that, i don’t remember much. i have pictures on my camera from that party but i don’t even remember taking out my camera. i do remember the vomiting though and the voices of the friends who helped me. suprisingly i wasn’t feeling so bad when i woke up but i knew i made an embarrassing spectacle of myself during my puking incident. plus i was sure i acted like a brat, like i normally do when i get super drunk. hahaha! argh, kakahiya!

ian and me in the first pic. jo and me with birthday boy normann in the second pic. both from my camera, neither of which i remember taking or being taken. 😛

yeah, i’m practicing melai’s pout a lot. first pic with gb. second pic with rissa and joy. pictures are from my camera again.

first pic showing me giving rox a big wet kiss on the cheek. a group pic for the second pic. pictures from roxy’s camera.

apparently, i smoked that cigar i was holding on the first pic. and one thing that struck me in the second pic was… wow, my tan looks really nice! hahaha!!! 😛

as i said in my previous post, as much as i’d like to swear off drinking i don’t think i’m ready to give it up yet. so i guess, i’ll just have to do better in pacing next time. wish me luck as i have three parties this coming weekend. hahahahaha! 😛

i love the rain, really i do

i know i’ve mentioned how much i love the rain before, but i want to say it again. actually, i want to mention it everytime it rains. last night, i got caught in the rain without an umbrella. i actually have an extra one in the office but i was too lazy to bring it with me home despite the sound of thunder and the flashes of lighting that were obvious signs of rain. i walked to greenbelt with a slight drizzle but as soon as i got to greenbelt it started pouring hard. i passed time looking at books in national book store but decided to go home eventually. i could’ve bought an umbrella in sm but decided not to because i assumed that it wouldn’t be raining anymore when i got to quezon avenue station. but boy, was i wrong! hahaha. it was still raining when i got to quezon avenue which made me think, i’ll just geet a cab when i get down. but i wasn’t expecting the number of people waiting for a ride either. normally this would’ve pissed me off but i was too entranced by the rain to be mad. i had to take three jeepney rides home, one first to pantranco, another to banawe then the last to get me to my house. needless to say, i was pretty soaked when i got home but i took a hot shower immediately. i actually thought i’d be sick today but there isn’t even a slight sign of colds. lucky me, i guess. i really enjoyed my little rain adventure last night but next time i’ll probably bring an umbrella. ;))

i’m currently obsessed with…

... victoria's secret lingerie (i really want to buy some and have them shipped here)
... tumblr-ing
... hula-hooping
... learning my old piano pieces again
... expensive stuff i can't afford
... still being kissed ala north & south

That’s the closest to my idea of love: watching the skyline, making out, making mistakes, making believe desire means it’s with somebody else, then breaking up, and, if we’re lucky, forgiveness that comes right before take-off. There, I’ve said it. What more can one want? A lover who loves me as much as the rain. Rain, and, from the opening credits to the closing heart, Gershwin.
~ The Muse This Time by R Zamora Linmark

i love;
...ultimate frisbee;
...the melancholic sound of the cello;
...playing the piano;
...Frederic Chopin, John Williams and Michael Legrand;
...the rain;
...walking in the rain;
...hanging out with my friends;
...being a girly-girl;
...wearing dresses; naturally wavy hair;
...the sound of waves crashing in the shore; and pasta;
...raisin bread;
...Cyrano de Bergarac;;
...Artic Vodka Melon;
...Jose Cuervo Tequila; lomo cameras;
...taking pictures;
...chick flicks that make you believe that finding your one true love is not so impossible; and
...heartwrenchingly beautiful songs that say otherwise

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