okay. okay. so naging drama queen ako ulit for the past two days. i have no idea why. let’s just blame it on my period. ;p hehehe.

i’m just loving these two songs! they’re such feel good songs with the cutest lyrics and the cutest melody. (it’s so me to use cutest twice in the same sentence! hehehe)

love you i do
ost – dreamgirls

You’re strong and you’re smart
You’re taking my heart
And I’ll give you the rest of me too
You’re the perfect man for me
I love you I do

love story
katherine mcphee

this is just a typical love story
a boy you never wanted just steals your heart
i never saw it coming tell i fell so hard


anyway, i’m thinking of getting my hair cut. as in short. way shorter than the hair i’ve had for the past n years. (n>=5). it was funny how people reacted when i posted in my ym status message that i wanted to cut my hair. there was the… do not cut your hair! from both my mom and doie. then… pakalbo ka nalang! from ian (k3). then the… hindi ka ata bagay with short hair from the rest. well, i want the change. i need the change. nakakasawa rin yung hair ko kahit na it’s so nice that it’s naturally wavy and long and easy to manage. i want to look in the mirror and see someone new. =)

therefore, this time, i’m really going through with this haircut. i usually tell myself everytime i go into a salon that this time i’m getting a radical cut. but each time i sit in the chair the words that come out are… trim lang please. so my hair has remained the same in the last 5 years.

i have two styles i really really want. one is based on mandy moore’s short haircut.

mandy moore also has a round face so i’m wishing that i’ll look okay if i get this cut. it’s pretty scary since it’ll way shorter than what i’m used to. but it looks so nice and easy to manage that i really really like the cut. the thing that’s holding me back is that mandy moore is this tall slender girl. and i’m not. (o, realistic lang naman ako diba?) it might not look as good on my body type although it’ll look okay on my face shape. which brings me to my next choice… eva mendes!

okay, so i don’t look exactly like eva mendes. medyo, kinda malayo nga diba?! hehehe. but she’s curvy like me. her face looks more oval but her hair is the same type as mine. plus this cut is just medium length so it wouldn’t take so long to grow my hair out again just in case i really hate the cut. plus i’ll still be able to tie my hair when i play ultimate.

so there are my two choices. i can’t seem to decide which yet. help me out guys… please! =)