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one of my goals since i started playing ultimate was to join the annual bangkok hat. i was originally planning to go in 2008 but that didn’t push through. then somehow it totally slipped my mind in 2009. when some of my friends started booking for 2010, i knew it was now or never.

i was uncertain on whether or not i really wanted till play even when i was there because truth be told, i’m not so confident with disc anymore. i played with the pink with blue sleeves team, the molly ringwalds. (yeah, i don’t get why the sleeves were blue either. haha!) i was just glad i didn’t get neon orange or neon green or neon yellow because that would’ve really clashed with my color.

yeah mollies!!!

my nerves were gone when i made the assist on the very first point we scored. whew! i played really well actually… handling on some points, cutting hard when on mid and even running in the cup on defense. it was such an exhilarating and confidence-boosting experience!

throwing a forehand

yeah, not my best action shot

my team ended up playing undefeated till the finals which we lost to a team we had previously beaten the day before. sucks when that happens, huh? actually, i was a bit disappointed when we kept winning because i really was looking forward to partying and drinking on the sidelines during the finals, not actually playing it. every time someone congratulated me on making it to the final, i replied… i just want to drink already. haha! oh well, at least i got to take home a medal! not too shabby for my first international hat. 😛

claire and me kissing our sweet medals during the sunday field party —>

aside from playing the finals, my best memories of the weekend include:

  • apple pie shots! can’t post a pic of me here ‘coz it looked like i was puking it out because of all the vodka sol put in my mouth
  • the food on the field, which enjoyed too little of ‘coz i couldn’t run on a full stomach
  • bonding with the girls (on and off the field)

  • with the apple pie shot gals, who i wanted to be a part of so much. oh well, next year!

    claire and me with jody, who i ended up teaching some carmen electra moves to. haha!

    with rox and ther, going old school at the saturday night party. i came as an 80’s explosion of pink

  • taking care of three of my drunk/high girlfriends after the saturday party. i texted nina the next day, when did i become the responsible one?
  • bonding with a toilet seat in pat pong, sunday night. i sped drank myself after we played my finals on a practically empty stomach. no wonder i started puking after a one-hour cab ride to the red light district of bangkok. it also was quite an experience seeing girls do stuff with their va-jay-jays that i assure you normal women would not be able to do.
  • the shopping would have been a great experience if not for my aching legs. we met up at a fashion mall at around 1pm, ate lunch then agreed to meet at 530pm. by 3pm, most of us were crying no more shopping so we decided to call it quits a bit earlier. next time, shopping should come before the playing. haha!

  • having beers after an exhausting shopping trip on monday afternoon

if you’re waiting for the dirt about the boys on the trip, sorry to disappoint but i was a good girl during that weekend. to be honest, i wasn’t planning to be but you know what they say about best laid plans right? haha! i ended up playing the finals, taking care of my drunk friends and being too lazy to really flirt and mingle with any of the cuties on the field. i kinda disappointed my friend, sol, who until now still keeps saying i was too pathetically good. i’m still kinda confused at the moment kasi eh. haha! 😛

all-in-all, that weekend was awesome! not quite what i was expecting, but still perfect in it’s own way. sign me up for bangkok hat 2011!

yes, i’m alive. i know… i know… i’ve ignored this blog for too long already and it isn’t because nothing interesting has been happening to me lately. i guess i’ve been too preoccupied with tumblr and facebook. truth is, i haven’t felt like writing in the past couple of months. i’d start an entry then have no time or inclination to finish it through.

i’ll try to run through the stuff that’s happened to me since i last posted.

A Close Encounter with Ondoy

i actually have a half-finished entry on what happened to me and my sister that fateful day but i never got to finish it. so here’s my sister’s account and some pictures for those who really want to know what we experienced. for those still wondering… yes, i did save my lingerie collection. it was one of the first and few things i ended up saving from my room. 😛 surprisingly (or maybe unsurprisingly), that’s the question most of my friends have asked me post-ondoy. well, at least i can say my friends know me well.

when events like this happen, you get to ponder on a lot of stuff. i realized how lucky ayn and i were that we just lot material stuff and neither of us got hurt. it was a miracle that the water level stopped just three steps shy of the second floor, or else we would’ve had to move to the roof.

my mom was here on and off since then since repairs had to be made to the house, and each sunday she’d bring us to church. i remember that first sunday, sitting in the pew, watching a video montage on the havoc that ondoy wreaked in metro manila, struggling to fight back tears as images of loss and destruction filled the screen. so many people lost so much… valuables, houses, loved ones. a part of me felt the pull again, the same pull i felt when i requested to be baptized. it’s like God was saying… come back to me child. but once again, i’ve brushed it aside. perhaps someday i’ll be ready to embrace my christianity again but right now i won’t be able to fully commit to it yet.

Meet Lexi

i’ve finally gone digital. do i hear sighs of relief from some of you there? haha! well, i’d already bought a D40 kit when i was in the US but it didn’t arrive it time. since the kit is more expensive here, i reconsidered and decided to get a Lumix LX3 instead but then there wasn’t any stock available anymore. so i had to wait months and months before i finally got my hands on this baby. and i am loving it oh so much! don’t worry, this doesn’t mean i’ll be ignoring my film cameras (any more than i have been lately. haha!). i love shooting film too and don’t plan to stop any time soon. 😉

The Sweet Escape

aaaahhhhh boracay…. the fine white sand, clear blue water, relaxing atmosphere and hot guys (huh? who said that? hahaha!) before you think, wow ang payat naman ni tisha sa pic na yan, hindi ako yan ok!?! date and i decided to join mela (girl in the picture with nina) for an impromptu trip to boracay for halloween. it was very last minute since we booked our tickets a couple of weeks before the actual trip. and it was just perfect! it was a great weekend… we partied all night, slept till noon, watched a few games of ultimate, sunbathed, drank mojitos during sunset, dressed up for halloween, flirted with cute guys, met some cool new people, laughed a lot, swam in the cool water, walked along the shore… *sigh* i really wish i lived by the beach.

Thrilla in Manila

i haven’t been training lately. i’ve been too busy with work and fixing the house. but i still decided that i wouldn’t miss Manila Spirits so i joined the party team, Breakfast Club. i finally got to wear a pink jersey!!! yey! it went perfectly with my black&pink cleats, pink socks, pink sports bra and pink bikini bottom. even my skirt had a touch of pink. matching kung matching, diba?! 😛

we didn’t win a lot of games (understatement of the weekend!) but it was still a whole lot of fun. the sun was unforgiving on sunday though, the reason for which i was sick the entire week after. i realized i miss ultimate so much. i should make more time to train again. 🙂


so there you go… that’s what i’ve been up to while i’ve been MIA. there still are quite a few stuff lined up the next couple of months. christmas is fast approaching and so are the parties! i promise to write more often though. 🙂

yesterday was the first day of the all-mens and all-womens league, Malakas & Maganda. even though we were thoroughly exhausted after playing 3 games, 2 of which were back-to-back, we still found time to do this…


bwahahahaha! it’s supposed to be the T3 cheer but none of the boys were really buying it but we decided to do it anyway.

yep, this is never going to fail to make me smile. i really do love my friends!

*thanks for the .gif file claire! 😉

so, i’m back from the US. i arrived home on the 4th of may but had to stay home for a couple of days to nurse a bad cold (which wasn’t the swine flu!!!). my internal body clock was a bit cuckoo for the first week. i kept waking up at 5am despite sleeping at the latest 1am. this means, i started showing up at work at 830am which i haven’t done in quite a while. the rest of my first week back was pretty eventless since i had to be home early because my mom was still here. yep, i’m a good girl when my mom’s here. ;P

summer league

i showed up for the 3rd week of summer league (my first week) really scared and anxious. you would be too if you’ve been MIA from training for a month. to say that i am out of shape is an understatement! my heart was beating so fast that i even held off on drinking my extra joss till the 3rd game of the day. it didn’t help that i’m playing with T1 again for this league which means running after faster girls. our first game was against sexual chocolate which we won by a universal point. yeah, it was a real nail-biting experience since i was in that last point praying that the girl i was marking would not sprint to their endzone on a turnover. i was slow and i seemed to have forgotten some of the basics like faking and pivoting properly. oops! in our 2nd game, we were down to 4 girls in our lineup but at least that game ended quickly and without any mishaps. as is usual, i don’t eat between games because it’s hard to run on a full or semi-full stomach. by our 3rd game, i was pooped! i could barely run anymore and i felt like i’d blackout in any second. the weather didn’t help because it was hot as hell! we survived that too though, playing 5-2 on offense when necessary. needless to say, when i woke up on monday morning i felt sore all over. i really have to build my endurance back up again and brush up on my field fundamentals. i’m glad to be back playing though. i love ultimate! 😉

oh really now?

it’s quite a suprise that the comments i’ve gotten since i’ve been back is that i’ve lost weight. one girl even told me, “aren’t you supposed to gain weight when you go to the US?” apparently, it was the opposite for me. honestly, i feel like i’ve gained weight given all of the junk we ate over there but who am i to reject such ego-boosting compliments. haha!

epic FAIL!

most of you know that i was planning to buy a DSLR kit in the US. i actually did buy a Nikon D40 with 18-55mm and 55-200mm VR lens kit BUT it didn’t arrive in time. *sigh* it wasn’t my fault though. i ordered it on time, paid for it on time, confirmed the shipping address on time BUT they didn’t ship it on time. the reason i really wanted to buy the camera there was that the 2 lens kit was such a steal. now, i’m back to debating whether i really want a DSLR or whether a really good point & shoot will do in the meantime. you see, the 2 lens kit for the Nikon D40 is not available here. i’ll have to buy the Nikon D40 kit and add an extra minimum Php10K for the 55-200mm lens. not to mention, i want to buy a Lensbaby composer too, which is another Php13K! gastos noh? i was thinking that maybe i really do not need all of that equipment since i really just enjoy the lomography way of shooting. so now i’m seriously considering just getting a Panasonic Lumix LX3. i’m still waiting for the money i paid for the Nikon D40 to be credited back to my account before i’ll be able to buy anything though so i’m taking my sweet time in deciding again. any suggestions?

speaking of lomography

the newest addition to my film camera collection, a russian cyrillic Lomo LC-A, got fixed just in time for my trip to the US so i got to take lots of pictures with it. it is ♥♥♥♥♥!!!
lca love

however, my favorite lomo pic from my trip was taken using my holga 120gn…

this was taken in the santa cruz beach where we stopped by before watching vienna teng perform. i wanted a picture of the seagulls flying so i kept approaching them and saying, “fly! fly!” i was able to take i think 3 shots in one frame before realizing that i was using ISO 200 film and that i might overexpose it. i love the finished product! the fun thing about lomography and film photography is that sometimes you never know how a pic will turn out until you have it developed. there are no second, third of fourth takes. just that one!

there can be only one…


my top two prediction has come true and we’ll be having an Adam-Kris showdown next week. i secretly wanted an Adam-Allison showdown because that girl can sing! but well, she didn’t have a big enough fanbase. i really think Adam will win. he is truly blessed with amazing vocals. Kris is good too and he’s not as flambuoyant as Adam is sometimes. i love his cover of Kanye West’s Heartless. galing! anyway, i’m sure everyone will be in front of their tv’s next week as this is sure to be one exciting final.

labandera na naman

we still don’t have a helper so i’ve officially resumed my lifelong dream to be a maid once again. i already did a batch of laundry last night which i’ll probably be ironing come saturday. oh well, life’s like that! i’m glad to be back though! the Philippines may be a third world country but it is my home and well, there’s no place like home, right? 😉

after getting tagged in more than a hundred photos on facebook, i’ve decided it’s about time i wrote about my latest boracay escapade. as my close friends know, i’ve come home from boracay with some really memorable stories. for those expecting something juicy, sad to say but i was sort of tame this time. 😛 hahaha!

chillax friday

we arrived at the beautiful white sandy shores of boracay early friday morning, had breakfast at real coffee and immediately started working on our tans. (wag na kayo humirit na hindi ko na kailangan ng tan, alam ko na yun. sinamahan ko lang si joy and nina.) we decided to have a seafood lunch at the talipapa where we pigged out big time! we spent the afternoon sunbathing, swimming, watching the pickup in front of hey jude, drinking beers and camwhoring. this would be the pattern for the rest of the weekend.

the registration party was a bit boring, like it normally is, so nina, gb, joy and i hung out at hey jude instead where we met a really hot bartender. after two rounds of drinks we joined some friends at the registration party where we had a couple more beers. nina and joy decided to call it a night but gb and i joined some more ultimate people at a party in summer place. we turned in at 2am, i think. not a good idea considering we had games the next day.

“ay, may tournament nga pala” saturday

yeah, so i really don’t join the boracay open for the games. i already know i’m a klutz when it comes to running in the sand. this time around i wasn’t as bad as i thought i would be. it helped that we were 8 girls in our roster and points were sometimes short and definitely far between. after our games we headed over to jonas for some refreshing shakes. we hung out by the beach drinking beers, and singing and dancing to songs by boy bands, christina aguilera and britney spears.

some highlights from the saturday night party:

  • photo ops with marc nelson. hot-ness!!!
  • marc nelson giving his number to one of my friends. panalo talaga!
  • nina joining the beer drinking contest but pouring probably half of her drink on the sand even before drinking it. daya!
  • some really weird dancing and making out happening onstage.
  • the shot attack. in fairness, masarap siya!
  • finding roxy’s phone vibrating in the sand only to have it stolen later on in the evening
  • post-party isaw-an. yum yum!

party sunday!!!

another game day under the heat of the boracay sun! it was pretty hard to be playing while dehydrated from a night of drinking. thankfully, the day passed by pretty quickly and by 3pm we were camped out by one endzone, drinking our beers and watching the finals between the Boracay Lovers, a team from the US, and the Boracay Dragons. it truly is a spectacle to watch the Boracay Dragons play. for the sixth time in a raw, the Boracay Dragons win the boracay open championship proving once again that they are unbeatable in their home turf.


my flight back to manila was at 630am so i already knew that i would be partying all night long. i’m really proud that i didn’t get wasted although i did reach my happy place. i don’t remember some of the pictures anymore. what’s new?! hahaha. nothing really crazy happened on sunday night just a lot of drinking and camwhoring.

at about 3am, we headed to jammers for some food. by this time i was really sleepy so i ordered a cheeseburger and promptly fell asleep at the table. i woke up to eat my burger but then fell right back to sleep immediately after eating it. hahaha! by 4am, we headed back to our rooms to take showers and pack and by 530am we were on the boat that would take us away from the island. i slept most of the way back to manila and my office and felt terrible at work. well, i was sleepy and a bit hung-over so by 3pm i excused myself and headed home.

i brought along a bunch of my cameras and film but was too lazy to take pictures much to my regret. argh! here is a collection of some of my favorite photos…


boracay is always a fun experience especially when you’re with a bunch (and i mean, a big big bunch) of your friends. this trip will be a very memorable one, mostly because of tons of pictures we took on the trip. i wish i could’ve stayed longer but most of my leaves are reserved for my US trip which i’m leaving for next week. yey! so hopefully, i’d have more “interesting” stories to tell from that.

*** pics stolen from joel, claire and joy.

i’m currently obsessed with…

... victoria's secret lingerie (i really want to buy some and have them shipped here)
... tumblr-ing
... hula-hooping
... learning my old piano pieces again
... expensive stuff i can't afford
... still being kissed ala north & south

That’s the closest to my idea of love: watching the skyline, making out, making mistakes, making believe desire means it’s with somebody else, then breaking up, and, if we’re lucky, forgiveness that comes right before take-off. There, I’ve said it. What more can one want? A lover who loves me as much as the rain. Rain, and, from the opening credits to the closing heart, Gershwin.
~ The Muse This Time by R Zamora Linmark

i love;
...ultimate frisbee;
...the melancholic sound of the cello;
...playing the piano;
...Frederic Chopin, John Williams and Michael Legrand;
...the rain;
...walking in the rain;
...hanging out with my friends;
...being a girly-girl;
...wearing dresses; naturally wavy hair;
...the sound of waves crashing in the shore; and pasta;
...raisin bread;
...Cyrano de Bergarac;;
...Artic Vodka Melon;
...Jose Cuervo Tequila; lomo cameras;
...taking pictures;
...chick flicks that make you believe that finding your one true love is not so impossible; and
...heartwrenchingly beautiful songs that say otherwise

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