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since i have no originality at this things, i copied this survey from roxy.


Meron pa bang ibang tatalo sa TODA? 🙂


Gravity by Sara Bareilles

I know, I know… It’s a sad song. hehe. Maybe it’s more of the impression the artist made to me than the actual song although it’s my favorite of hers. Sara Bareilles is my favorite artist of 2008. She’s just amazing!


Melissa. we’ve known each other since the 2nd grade. we’ve been bonding recently over a common love for lomography. 🙂


Nina. technically she isn’t a new friend because i’ve known her since college. however, i’ve only gotten the opportunity to get to know her better recently and it’s been a blast hanging out with her! 🙂


TODA playing the Finals game against Askalz for the Monsoon League. What a high!


Getting my heart broken big time.


It wasn’t really a holiday but the best weekend ever for me was the 3-day bonding vacation TODA spent in Bacolod to celebrate Connie’s birthday. Getting drunk before 12 noon was so much fun!!!


There really wasn’t a movie that made it to my favorite movies list but I think the movie I enjoyed the most was Mamma Mia! Definitely worth watching! 


TODA Pickup in SanLo. The first time I actually spent Valentine’s Day outside of the house. 🙂


Hmmm… Nothing is coming to mind. Basta this was the year that I fell in love with Japanese food!!!


This may sound weird but getting a tattoo (Actually, I got two. hehe.) was the best decision I’ve made this year. To date, it’s probably the most outrageous, not to mention permanent, crazy thing I’ve done. And I love it!!! 😉


  • Get fit. (yes, career mode ulit sa ultimate. hehe)
  • Try out Pole Dancing (yeah, seryoso ako dito!). 
  • Date (sana lang meron ma-date diba?)
  • A 3- to 4-week US trip.
  • Go on beach trips as much as I can.
  • Get more tattoos. (oo, adik ako.)
  • Be a more consistent blogger.

Hmm…. Yan lang maisip ko for now. Will try to make my 2009 list early next year. 😉


Getting wasted and making a fool of myself at a company party. I’m never ever doing that again!


Oh, I have a few of these!

  • Getting a Brazilian Bikini Wax – oh yes! hahaha!
  • Getting inked!!!
  • A trip abroad (to Singapore) with friends. My first time abroad without family.


Paying my credit card bills myself. It’s opened my eyes to how much of a shopaholic I actually am. There still is a lot I have to learn about personal finance and control.


Be more open to experiences. Try not to over-think everything. Be more spontaneous.


It’s going to be awesome!!! 🙂

my family isn’t much into the open gifts on christmas eve so we already exchanged gifts two days ago. it was my idea. we decided to have  our annual family picture taken earlier than usual and my mom wasn’t sure of what to wear. since my sister and i bought her clothes for christmas i asked her if she wanted her gifts earlier so she could wear it for our family picture. she said yes and we all decided to exchange gifts then. hahaha!

as most of you know, my birthday is just a few days away. it’s my big 25th birthday! so here’s my wish list since i haven’t been updating my wish list page anymore.

the not-so-expensive list:

  • flowers on my birthday!!! 
  • laptop bag for my macbook
  • tripod
  • drybox
  • invisible shield for my macbook
  • a kurt halsey calendar or any of his posters. it’s no secret that i adore his work. i already ordered some postcards which i got earlier this month and i want more!!! hahaha.

the really expensive list a.k.a. stuff i’ll probably be getting myself someday (not soon):

  • Nikon D40 kit or Nikon D90 kit
  • Lensbabies -> although, the DSLR should come first
  • Nikon F3 SLR
  • Hasselblad 503 C/M
  • Carl Zeiss Sonnar 180mm for my Pentacon Six TLR
  • Fisheye Lens for my Pentacon Six TLR
  • Olympus 50-90mm and 150mm for my Olympus Pen F
  • Epson Film Scanner


Time is gonna take my mind
and carry it far away where I can fly
The depth of life will dim my temptation to live for you
If I were to be alone silence would rock my tears
’cause it’s all about love and I know better
How life is a waving feather

So I put my arms around you around you
And I know that I’ll be leaving soon

My eyes are on you they’re on you
And you see that I can’t stop shaking
No, I won’t step back but I’ll look down to hide from your eyes
’cause what I feel is so sweet and I’m scared that even my own breath
Oh could burst it if it were a bubble
And I’d better dream if I have to struggle

So I put my arms around you around you
And I hope that I will do no wrong
My eyes are on you they’re on you
And I hope that you won’t hurt me

I’m dancing in the room as if I was in the woods with you
No need for anything but music
Music’s the reason why I know time still exists
Time still exists
Time still exists
Time still exists

So I put my arms around you around you
And I hope that I will do no wrong
My eyes are on you they’re on you
And I hope that you won’t hurt me
So I put my arms around you around you
And I hope that I will do no wrong
My eyes are on you they’re on you
And I hope that you won’t hurt me

akala niyo kung sino noh? hehehe. since i don’t have any love life to speak of right now, i’m channeling all my energy on the chuck bass – blair waldorf tandem on gossip girl. i love them so much. they really do belong together. i just wish he’ll finally get over all his issues and let blair into his life. 

Blair: Whatever you’re going through, I wanna be there for you.
Chuck: We’ve talked about this. You are not my girlfriend.
Blair: But I am me. And you are you. We’re Chuck and Blair. Blair and Chuck. The worst thing you’ve ever done, the darkest thought you’ve ever had, I will stand by you through anything.
Chuck: And why would you do that.
Blair: Because I love you.
Chuck: Well, that’s too bad.

yes… she finally said it! finally! finally! but she learns that sometimes you don’t get the reaction you think you’d get when you finally say those three very important words…

Blair: I told Chuck I love him. … It’s horrible. I thought that if I could finally say it then everything would change but he’s just as selfish and soul-less as ever. Only a masochist could ever love such a narcissist.

i found myself nodding and agreeing with her as soon as she said that last line. that really hit home. actually the conversation above hit home too. but i’m tired of talking and thinking about my own failed relationship so i won’t talk about it anymore. 😛

when chuck appeared towards the end of the episode, i wanted to start jumping up and down in my seat. but, gossip girl didn’t disappoint in being a tease. tsk. tsk. tsk. they dangled that happy ending right in front of us then took it away. 😦 haay… now, i and the rest of the gossip girl fan base have to wait till january 5, 2009 for the next episode.

*english translation: seriously, i really do love him!!! 😛

the grammy nominations are out and some of my favorite songs and artists are up for awards! i honestly won’t be able to predict any of the winners because i’m not familiar with some of the songs nominated. i do wish my faves win though. i italicized my faves in some categories…

Record of the Year

  • Chasing Pavements, Adele
  • Viva La Vida, Coldplay
  • Bleeding Love, Leona Lewis
  • Paper Planes, M.I.A
  • Please Read the Letter, Robert Plant & Allison Kraus

Album of the Year

  • Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends, Coldplay
  • Tha Carter III, Lil Wayne
  • Year of the Gentleman, Ne-Yo !!!!!
  • Raising Sand, Rober Plant & Alison Krauss
  • In Rainbows, Radiohead

Song of the Year

  • American Boy, Estelle feat. Kanye West
  • Chasing Pavements, Adele
  • I’m Yours, Jason Mraz
  • Love Song, Sara Bareilles
  • Viva La Vida, Coldplay

Best New Artist

  • Adele
  • Duffy
  • Jonas Brothers
  • Lady Antebellum
  • Jazmine Sullivan

Best Female Pop Vocal Performance

  • Chasing Pavements, Adele
  • Love Song, Sara Bareilles
  • Mercy, Duffy
  • Bleeding Love, Leona Lewis
  • I Kissed A Girl, Katy Perry
  • So What, Pink

* this is a hard category for me because i love all the songs here. i hope sara bareilles wins here though.

Best Male Pop Vocal Performance

  • All Summer Long, Kid Rock
  • Say, John Mayer
  • That Was Me, Paul McCartney
  • I’m Yours, Jason Mraz
  • Closer, Ne-Yo !!!!!
  • Wichita Lineman, James Taylor

Best Female R&B Vocal Performance

  • Me, Myself and I, Beyonce
  • Heaven Sent, Keyshia Cole
  • Spotlight, Jennifer Hudson
  • Superwoman, Alicia Keys
  • Need U Bad, Jazmine Sullivan

Best Male R&B Vocal Performance

  • You’re the Only One, Eric Benet
  • Take You Down, Chris Brown
  • Miss Independent, Ne-Yo
  • Can’t Help But Wait, Plies
  • Here I Stand, Usher

* this is another category which is hard for me. i really hope plies wins for can’t help but wait ‘coz it’s a beautiful song.

Best R&B Song

  • Bust Your Windows, Jazmine Sullivan
  • Customer, Raheem DeVaughn
  • Heaven Sent, Keyshia Cole
  • Miss Independent, Ne-Yo !!!!!
  • Spotlight, Jennifer Hudson

wow, adele got lots of nods from the grammy academy. i haven’t really listened to the other songs from her album but i love chasing pavements. i’m really happy sara bareilles was nominated. those of you who know me know how much i love her. i really hope she wins a grammy. 🙂 ne-yo got lots of nods too. i wish he wins most. i really love his songs, great lyrics and beats. i’m psyched for the grammy’s. woot! 🙂

i’m currently obsessed with…

... victoria's secret lingerie (i really want to buy some and have them shipped here)
... tumblr-ing
... hula-hooping
... learning my old piano pieces again
... expensive stuff i can't afford
... still being kissed ala north & south

That’s the closest to my idea of love: watching the skyline, making out, making mistakes, making believe desire means it’s with somebody else, then breaking up, and, if we’re lucky, forgiveness that comes right before take-off. There, I’ve said it. What more can one want? A lover who loves me as much as the rain. Rain, and, from the opening credits to the closing heart, Gershwin.
~ The Muse This Time by R Zamora Linmark

i love;
...ultimate frisbee;
...the melancholic sound of the cello;
...playing the piano;
...Frederic Chopin, John Williams and Michael Legrand;
...the rain;
...walking in the rain;
...hanging out with my friends;
...being a girly-girl;
...wearing dresses; naturally wavy hair;
...the sound of waves crashing in the shore; and pasta;
...raisin bread;
...Cyrano de Bergarac;;
...Artic Vodka Melon;
...Jose Cuervo Tequila; lomo cameras;
...taking pictures;
...chick flicks that make you believe that finding your one true love is not so impossible; and
...heartwrenchingly beautiful songs that say otherwise

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