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and i’m just starting…

i want them ALL!!!

…then there’s the added accessories: the ringflash, colorsplash flash, holgon strobe flash!!!

…then there’s the hoarding of film pa!!!

…then there’s the developing!!!

…namumulubi na ako!!!

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still sober on day15. 😉 yes, i’m halfway through na! yey!


my room still looks like a typhoon ravaged it’s way across it. hehehe. still not done with my spring cleaning, not even close! i think i spent most of the break buying new stuff than actually cleaning my room. i’ve bought 2 shelves, 2 box containers and a shoe cabinet. but i’m not done getting rid of my clutter yet. i did realize something though, i have a problem letting go of stuff. there are some things that i know i should be getting rid of that i still want to keep. but i’ve let go of some already like most of the college notes i’ve kept despite the fact that no one is really going to use them after me. 😀 i’ve also put away 8 pairs of shoes, 6 bags and a big plastic of clothes. i’m not halfway done yet. :S oh gosh, sabi ko pa naman dapat tapos na ito after this weekend. oh well… more cleaning for me in the days to come. :))

my room is a bit like my life right now, really messy but about to get a good, clean makeover. 😉


i found my old diary which i started in 1998. it was funny reading the entries mostly related to anton. i even wrote again in 2005 on how i still missed anton sometimes. hehehe. all i could think of when i was reading my old entries was how naive i was and how different my concept of love and pain was before. a lot has changed since 1998. i’ve changed quite a bit since then. (understatement of the year? hehehe)

i wonder, do all of us feel this nostalgic when we look at old pictures and read old diary entries? yes, i think we all are. i think a part of me was saying to my old self… oh my dear, if you only knew what the future had in store for you. well, i think that still applies to me right now. i honestly keep on thinking, how many more heartbreaks do i have to go through before i finally find my other half? how many more frogs do i have to kiss before i find my prince charming? and to be fair… how many more hearts will i have to break, too?


i haven’t seen an episode of grey’s anatomy in quite a while. when i was channel surfing yesterday and saw that an episode i haven’t seen was showing, i ended up watching it. most of us who watch grey’s anatomy know how complicated and intertwined their lives are, right? well, i found myself relating to it and not in the empathic, oh! it must suck to be in that situation! way, but the omg! ako yan ngayon! way. i honestly never thought i’d get myself stuck in this mess. well, i don’t think anyone really plans for things like this to happen. they just happen.

you know you’ve entered into melodrama when you re-enact a scene from any famous chickflick film. mine happened to be the chase scene from my best friend’s wedding. i swear, if i wasn’t hurting so much, i could’ve burst out into uncontrollable laughter at the point i realized what was happening. later on, that fated evening, i kinda re-enacted my favorite scene from closer. i swear, if i kissed him, that would have been it!


meredith said it best i think (and yes, this is a repost!):

The thing about addiction is, it never ends well. Because eventually, whatever it is that was getting us high, stops feeling good, and starts to hurt. Still, they say you don’t kick the habit until you hit rock bottom, but how do you know when you’re there? Because no matter how badly a thing is hurting us, sometimes letting it go hurts even worse.

what happens in boracay…

hopefully stays there! 😉 grabe, ang dami kong moments! kakaiba na talaga epekto ng alcohol sa akin. i don’t remember much of what happened sunday night anymore. good thing i had good friends taking care of me. thanks guys! 😉 

boracay was a bit gloomy when we were there. it was raining a bit. the upside to that was that it was easier to play ultimate because the sand wasn’t scorching hot like last year. the downside was that the water was too cold to swim in. one nice thing about the earlier then usual bora open is that it wasn’t too crowded which is always better. 😀

i’m starting to love the beach. i wasn’t much of a beach girl before because i hated getting darker. but since becoming addicted to ultimate, i’m starting to warm up to my tanned skin. there is also something so soothing about the sound of waves crashing to the shore.

haaaay… gusto ko nang bumalik ng boracay. 😀

a few resolutions

after those very embarrassing sunday night episodes of mine in boracay, i’m swearing off alcohol and cigarettes for one month. well, i’m not really addicted to smoking yet, so that won’t be a big problem for me. but the alcohol, well, let’s just say i’m used to the alcohol. 😉 hehehe. but i promise, no alcohol for one month. 😀

i’m cleaning my room this holy week. (am i hearing a collective sigh of approval? hehehe.) oo, sobrang gulo na ng kwarto ko. therefore, i’ll be spending my vacation fixing my room. i’ve bought a few shelves already and i want to buy a few more. i don’t want any more… omg! my crush is going to my room and my bra is still on my bed! moments. 😀

You Must Accept
by Kate Light

You must accept that’s who he really is.
You must accept you cannot be his
unless he is yours. No compromise.
He is a canvas on which paint never dries;
a clay that never sets, steel that bends
in a breeze, a melody that when it ends
no one can whistle. He is not who
you thought. He’s not. He is a shoe
that walks away: “I will not go where you
want to go.” “Why, then, are you a shoe?”
“I’m not. I have the sole of a lover
but don’t know what love is.” “Discover
it, then.” “Will I have to go where you go?”
“Sometimes.” “Be patient with you?” “Yes.” “Then, no.”
You have to hear what he is telling you
and see what he is; how it is killing you.


doc posted this in her blog a few days ago and i thought it was perfect so i’ve decided to post it here too.

thing is, i’ve accepted all of who he is and i’ve seen the him he doesn’t show everyone else, yet i’m still a fool for him. and it’s killing me. i know what most of you will be telling me right now, walk away. it’s not that easy, i’m telling you. it’s never that easy.

ano, jencarps at melai, ako na ba presidente ng tanga club? hehehe.

i just hope someday he’ll realize the value of what he rejected. then siya na mas magiging tanga kaysa sa akin.

i’m currently obsessed with…

... victoria's secret lingerie (i really want to buy some and have them shipped here)
... tumblr-ing
... hula-hooping
... learning my old piano pieces again
... expensive stuff i can't afford
... still being kissed ala north & south

That’s the closest to my idea of love: watching the skyline, making out, making mistakes, making believe desire means it’s with somebody else, then breaking up, and, if we’re lucky, forgiveness that comes right before take-off. There, I’ve said it. What more can one want? A lover who loves me as much as the rain. Rain, and, from the opening credits to the closing heart, Gershwin.
~ The Muse This Time by R Zamora Linmark

i love;
...ultimate frisbee;
...the melancholic sound of the cello;
...playing the piano;
...Frederic Chopin, John Williams and Michael Legrand;
...the rain;
...walking in the rain;
...hanging out with my friends;
...being a girly-girl;
...wearing dresses; naturally wavy hair;
...the sound of waves crashing in the shore; and pasta;
...raisin bread;
...Cyrano de Bergarac;;
...Artic Vodka Melon;
...Jose Cuervo Tequila; lomo cameras;
...taking pictures;
...chick flicks that make you believe that finding your one true love is not so impossible; and
...heartwrenchingly beautiful songs that say otherwise

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