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the basics

name: tish
age: 23 24
location: manila, philippines
province: davao city!


boardgame: monopoly
magazines: marie claire, glamour
smells: rain, vanilla, lemon
sounds: cello, piano, violin
color: (to wear) white (in general) pink
fruits: suha, sineguelas, orange
food: pizza! pasta!
alcoholic drinks: vodka, tequila
number: 7
movies: the mirror has two faces, ever after, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, yentl, sabrina,
music: broadway, rnb, jazz standards
song: on my own (les miserables), someone to watch over me (oh! kay)
classical piece: Chopin’s Etude Op.10 No.3

random questions

what book are you reading now? currently i’m not reading anything.
what is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning? what time is it? or shit, i’m late!
how many rings to answer the telephone? 3 at most.
future child’s name? where do i begin? i really like cara alexis, river, and luke. i still have to check my journal on what other names i really like.
what is the most important thing in life? family and friendship.
if you could meet one person, dead or alive, who would it be? any of my favorite composers: frederic chopin, michael legrand and john williams. i’d ask them to play for me.
if you could exchange lives with any one person, dead or alive, who would it be? this is a no brainer for me… lea salonga!!! i would give anything to have been her when she was 18 and starring as kim in miss saigon in london!
what would be your favorite job in the world? i’m torn between a broadway performer and a cashier.
have you ever been in love? yes.
is your glass half full or half empty? half empty.
do you use the right keys when working on a keyboard? yes!
what is under your bed? a 1000-piece complete puzzle of Times Square. i haven’t gotten around to having it framed yet.
what is your ambition? believe it or not, it’s still the same as my 3rd grade answer in a friend’s slambook… to marry my crush! okay okay. maybe not to marry my crush, per se,  who changes quite a lot but just to marry in general. i’d love to be a stay-at-home wife.
what is love? love is a choice. love is when you accept the other person for everything that he/she is including the good and bad traits. 😉

how to

make me smile: i think this is very easy. madali lang ako mapangiti. crack a really corny joke and i’d give you my “that wasn’t funny at all” smile. but crack a really good joke, and you’d have me laughing out loud. =)
make me cry: make me watch a sad movie. =( sometimes when i’m PMSing, mababaw ang luha ko and i’d cry for no particular reason at all. case in point, last week. hahaha.
make me mad: pagmakulit ka and i’m not in the mood.
make me like you: be funny, sweet, and thoughtful. if you play any musical instrument or sing, then i’m sure to have an instant crush on you. 😉
make me dance: give me alcohol and rnb music.
ease my temper: the best way is to just let me rant, my head cools off after a good bout of ranting. and then feed me something sweet.
wake me up: i’m a pretty light sleeper so just call my name and i’ll wake up. but there i times when i enter that state of deep sleep, sa ganun you have to shake me awake.
make me feel kilig: make me harana… but only if you have a voice like josh groban ha. otherwise baka ma-turnoff lang ako sobra! hehehe.
make me tell the truth: get me really irritated to the point na galit na ako, truth serum yun for me. hahaha.
shut me up when i talk a lot: kiss me! hahaha. joke lang. baka girl ang humalik sa akin. paano ba? tell me to shut up siguro.
tell that i’m annoyed: i grow silent and stop smiling.
tell when i’m bored: i grow silent and start nodding my head randomly.
tell when i’m drunk: my voice rises up a few decibels and i start dancing. hahaha.
keep me as a friend: accept me for who i am. you don’t have to like all my quirks but just acknowledge that they’re a part of who i am.
make me happy: feed me pizza and/or pasta! let me listen to broadway songs! make me watch a romantic comedy!
tell when i’m hungry: my stomach rumbles. hahaha. well, sabihin ko naman pag-gutom na ako eh.
make me say yes: to what? ma-peer pressure ako. i say yes very easily. =) pero pag wala ako sa mood i’d say no kung hindi ko talaga feel.
make me hate you: spread false rumors about me.
make me fall out of love: stifle me and make me into someone i’m definitely not.


if you want to read any of my posts which are password protected because of the content (medyo x-rated eh! hehehe. joke only! basta sensitive topic na kasi yung iba for me) just ask me nalang and i’d give you the password.  or you could try guessing my password. madali lang yung iba. 😉