the problem with earning your own money is that you get to spend your own money without your parents knowing about how or on what you’re spending it on. okay, let me rephrase that… the problem with having your own credit card is that you get to use your own credit card without your parents knowing about how or on what you’re using it on. hehehe.

here is a list of stuff i want and hope to have someday soon. :))

i want an imac!!!

OR a macbook!!!

i want my own pc/laptop that i can use to put personal stuff in. i’ve been using my office notebook to store most of my mp3s and pictures and the files are getting bigger and bigger. i plan to buy this in august. just have to pay off some credit card debts so that i’ll be able to pay this on installment. hehehe.

i want to go wild in the mango and zara sale!!!

i probably will, next week. :))

i want more clothes and shoes!!!

i want skirts, dresses, blouses, lingerie and high-heeled shoes!!! i haven’t bought new clothes in a while now, i’ve been spending my money mostly on cameras and film that i’ve been neglecting my girly shopaholic self. :))

i want a tripod!!!

specifically the pink gorillapod…

isn’t that so cute?! unfortunately, most of my cameras are of the heavy type and something that cute can’t be able to hold that much weight. i still haven’t researched on a sturdy tripod that’ll be able to support my pentacon six so that i’ll be able to practice my B-mode pictures without worrying about the blurriness.

i want more film cameras!!!

yes, i’ve been writing about my camera lust already. currently on my wishlist are: an olympus pen f, a hasselblad 500c/m, a nikon f3, an all-weather action sampler and lenses for my pentacon six. all of which are expensive. 😦

buti nalang i’ve written postdated checks to ensure that 20% of my salary goes to my savings! sometimes i wish i had tons and tons of money so i could just buy anything i want. :))

money, however, can’t buy my final want…

i want a boyfriend!!!

haaay… nakakasawa na ang single-since-birth status ko. i want someone who’ll take care of me and someone who i’ll take care of. i’m ready for a real relationship and none of the confusing, ano ba talaga tayo? , “it’s complicated” crap that’s seems to be the fad nowadays. i want a honest, adult relationship. haaay…. asa pa me!!!