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last updated: 2008.04.09 4:25pm

i’m addicted to flickr!!! it’s such a great place for pic ideas and since my list of lomo stuff i want is growing longer by the minute, i decided to make another list. yey! 😉

multiple negatives

first pic by alspix. the rest by xiao_shan

i really love this concept!!! it’s so cool!!! i’m just not sure if digiprint will process 135’s stuck together in 120 back paper. :S anyhoot, i’ll try it out as soon as i finish the film loaded in my holga right now. hopefully if digiprint won’t accept it, another custom film lab will. 😀

04/09/2008 just an update… i tried this out with my holga and had the films developed already. and it worked! yehey! although i took a lot of the shots at night with the B-setting kaya palpak yung pics na yun. but the other pics turned out great! i still have to have the negatives scanned then i’ll post the results here. 😀 weee!!! can’t wait to try it out with more rolls! :))

2x project

redscale flip

pics by meleager

i love this concept too! i’m going to do this on my diana+ so that the pics would have sprockets too. hehehe. i love sprockets, so cute! 😉 i just have to think of what to take pics of.

redscale with colored filters

i love the redscale.

filters with words

amazing stuff from theamane

creative masks

photos by squarefrog

cool! three guesses on what shape i’d like to try this on. 😉

poetry into image

everytime i read this poem, love at first sight, by wislawa szymborska, my mind is filled with beautiful imagery as is described in the poem. my dream is to be able to take the images i see in my head whenever i read this poem. i think this is the most ambitious of this lomo project series, perhaps not even lomo anymore, since it’ll be a bit more serious. 😀