i’ve already posted two of her songs under my previous lss entries: love song and gravity. but i’ve downloaded most of her songs and i’m just loving her right now!!! amazing talent this girl!!! i’m buying her album soon because it’s so worth buying! here are a few more of my favorites…


I need to let go
Need to want to keep letting you know
That we both have a reason to follow
Long as we let this lead i’m barely breathing

Between the lines 

Leave unsaid unspoken
Eyes wide shut unopened
You and me
Always between the lines
Between the lines


Silly me, look what I did again.
I found what I want is what I cannot have
I didn’t mean to be so predictable,
But I blame it all on who made you irresistible

And it isn’t something I need ’til you tell me I can’t
Why wear my heart on my sleeve when it looks so good in your hand.

My heart breaks in a heart beat
And you storm me when you come and go
The taste of something so sweet should have
Warned me ’bout the undertow.
Oh, I couldn’t find a better man to let me go.

Little girl, I don’t know why you stay.
If I had a feather for every time daddy said that I could fly away.
Old habits are so hard to break
It’d be a shame to stop now that I’ve started to make really good mistakes.

And I don’t know why I must ask for the forbidden fruit.
I saw the snake in the grass, but I had bitten too soon.

I should have seen you coming in
Should recognize the signs a wave’s gonna break
Now, I’ve given in, why fight it when
I’m resigned to simply live in your wake.
Your wake….