You Must Accept
by Kate Light

You must accept that’s who he really is.
You must accept you cannot be his
unless he is yours. No compromise.
He is a canvas on which paint never dries;
a clay that never sets, steel that bends
in a breeze, a melody that when it ends
no one can whistle. He is not who
you thought. He’s not. He is a shoe
that walks away: “I will not go where you
want to go.” “Why, then, are you a shoe?”
“I’m not. I have the sole of a lover
but don’t know what love is.” “Discover
it, then.” “Will I have to go where you go?”
“Sometimes.” “Be patient with you?” “Yes.” “Then, no.”
You have to hear what he is telling you
and see what he is; how it is killing you.


doc posted this in her blog a few days ago and i thought it was perfect so i’ve decided to post it here too.

thing is, i’ve accepted all of who he is and i’ve seen the him he doesn’t show everyone else, yet i’m still a fool for him. and it’s killing me. i know what most of you will be telling me right now, walk away. it’s not that easy, i’m telling you. it’s never that easy.

ano, jencarps at melai, ako na ba presidente ng tanga club? hehehe.

i just hope someday he’ll realize the value of what he rejected. then siya na mas magiging tanga kaysa sa akin.