what happens in boracay…

hopefully stays there! 😉 grabe, ang dami kong moments! kakaiba na talaga epekto ng alcohol sa akin. i don’t remember much of what happened sunday night anymore. good thing i had good friends taking care of me. thanks guys! 😉 

boracay was a bit gloomy when we were there. it was raining a bit. the upside to that was that it was easier to play ultimate because the sand wasn’t scorching hot like last year. the downside was that the water was too cold to swim in. one nice thing about the earlier then usual bora open is that it wasn’t too crowded which is always better. 😀

i’m starting to love the beach. i wasn’t much of a beach girl before because i hated getting darker. but since becoming addicted to ultimate, i’m starting to warm up to my tanned skin. there is also something so soothing about the sound of waves crashing to the shore.

haaaay… gusto ko nang bumalik ng boracay. 😀

a few resolutions

after those very embarrassing sunday night episodes of mine in boracay, i’m swearing off alcohol and cigarettes for one month. well, i’m not really addicted to smoking yet, so that won’t be a big problem for me. but the alcohol, well, let’s just say i’m used to the alcohol. 😉 hehehe. but i promise, no alcohol for one month. 😀

i’m cleaning my room this holy week. (am i hearing a collective sigh of approval? hehehe.) oo, sobrang gulo na ng kwarto ko. therefore, i’ll be spending my vacation fixing my room. i’ve bought a few shelves already and i want to buy a few more. i don’t want any more… omg! my crush is going to my room and my bra is still on my bed! moments. 😀