Stray Italian Greyhound
Vienna Teng

Oh no not now
Please not now
I just settled into the glass half empty
Made myself at home
And so why now
Please not now
I just stopped believing in happy endings
Harbors of my own

But you had to come along didn’t you
Break down the doors, throw open windows
Oh if you knew just what a fool you have made me

So what do I do with this?

This stray Italian greyhound
These inconvenient fireworks
This ice-cream-covered screaming hyperactive thought
God I just want to lay down
These colors make my eyes hurt
This feeling calls for everything that I am not

I’m not that kind
I’m so good at shooting down any notion
This tired world could change
It’s all been bought
Or at least that was my line
No use in spending all that emotion
When there’s someone else to blame

But you had to come along didn’t you
Rev up the crowd, rewrite the rule book
Where do I go when every ‘no’ turns into ‘maybe’

So what do I do with this?

This sudden burst of sunlight
And me with my umbrella
Cross-indexing every weatherman’s report
I was ready for the downslide
But not for spring to well up
This feeling calls for everything I can’t afford
To know is possible now

What do I do
With a love that won’t sit still
Won’t do what it’s told
What do I do
With a love that won’t sit still


ayn and i were able to get our mom to let us join mimay and her boyfriend mike on a roadtrip to Santa Cruz and San Francisco last weekend. we got tickets to watch Vienna Teng at the Rio Theatre in Santa Cruz, CA. mimay and ayn are big, big fans of hers. i just jumped on the chance to have a few days of freedom from visiting relatives. and mike came along to drive us around.

we had dinner at this pizza place, Tony and Alba’s, where i saw the cutest guy i’ve seen so far since coming here. he was behind the counter and i was too shy to flirt with him. i think i lost my touch with the lack of flirting and alcohol these past few weeks.

The Paper Raincoat opened for her. the band is a collaboration between Alex Wong and Amber Rubarth, both very talented artists. i have a crush on the former. you all know i’m a sucker for a guy with a beautiful voice who could play multiple musical instruments. amazing! hehehe. he also co-produced Vienna Teng’s album with her. i really wanted to have a picture with him after the show but we couldn’t find him in the crowd and we were in a rush to head back to SF already. we got a picture with Vienna Teng though after mimay fibbed a little by telling her we came from the Philippines specifically to watch her perform. hahaha!

here’s a youtube video of a cool a cappella song, “Rewind”, which The Paper Raincoat also performed in the concert we watched…