one of my goals since i started playing ultimate was to join the annual bangkok hat. i was originally planning to go in 2008 but that didn’t push through. then somehow it totally slipped my mind in 2009. when some of my friends started booking for 2010, i knew it was now or never.

i was uncertain on whether or not i really wanted till play even when i was there because truth be told, i’m not so confident with disc anymore. i played with the pink with blue sleeves team, the molly ringwalds. (yeah, i don’t get why the sleeves were blue either. haha!) i was just glad i didn’t get neon orange or neon green or neon yellow because that would’ve really clashed with my color.

yeah mollies!!!

my nerves were gone when i made the assist on the very first point we scored. whew! i played really well actually… handling on some points, cutting hard when on mid and even running in the cup on defense. it was such an exhilarating and confidence-boosting experience!

throwing a forehand

yeah, not my best action shot

my team ended up playing undefeated till the finals which we lost to a team we had previously beaten the day before. sucks when that happens, huh? actually, i was a bit disappointed when we kept winning because i really was looking forward to partying and drinking on the sidelines during the finals, not actually playing it. every time someone congratulated me on making it to the final, i replied… i just want to drink already. haha! oh well, at least i got to take home a medal! not too shabby for my first international hat. 😛

claire and me kissing our sweet medals during the sunday field party —>

aside from playing the finals, my best memories of the weekend include:

  • apple pie shots! can’t post a pic of me here ‘coz it looked like i was puking it out because of all the vodka sol put in my mouth
  • the food on the field, which enjoyed too little of ‘coz i couldn’t run on a full stomach
  • bonding with the girls (on and off the field)

  • with the apple pie shot gals, who i wanted to be a part of so much. oh well, next year!

    claire and me with jody, who i ended up teaching some carmen electra moves to. haha!

    with rox and ther, going old school at the saturday night party. i came as an 80’s explosion of pink

  • taking care of three of my drunk/high girlfriends after the saturday party. i texted nina the next day, when did i become the responsible one?
  • bonding with a toilet seat in pat pong, sunday night. i sped drank myself after we played my finals on a practically empty stomach. no wonder i started puking after a one-hour cab ride to the red light district of bangkok. it also was quite an experience seeing girls do stuff with their va-jay-jays that i assure you normal women would not be able to do.
  • the shopping would have been a great experience if not for my aching legs. we met up at a fashion mall at around 1pm, ate lunch then agreed to meet at 530pm. by 3pm, most of us were crying no more shopping so we decided to call it quits a bit earlier. next time, shopping should come before the playing. haha!

  • having beers after an exhausting shopping trip on monday afternoon

if you’re waiting for the dirt about the boys on the trip, sorry to disappoint but i was a good girl during that weekend. to be honest, i wasn’t planning to be but you know what they say about best laid plans right? haha! i ended up playing the finals, taking care of my drunk friends and being too lazy to really flirt and mingle with any of the cuties on the field. i kinda disappointed my friend, sol, who until now still keeps saying i was too pathetically good. i’m still kinda confused at the moment kasi eh. haha! 😛

all-in-all, that weekend was awesome! not quite what i was expecting, but still perfect in it’s own way. sign me up for bangkok hat 2011!