on feeling old and being “manang”

i finally gave in to joining gb and nina at ascend last friday night. gb made it pretty hard for me to resist. hehe. going to clubs makes me feel so old and manang. i used to be able to go clubbing every day and yet show up in class and exams. recently, i’ve been longing for dvd marathons and staying in bed. hahaha. i’m old! :))

i’m glad i went out though, it made me realize how much i miss the clubbing scene too! :)) it was a bit hard to keep dancing because my legs hurt so much from all the training we’ve been undergoing in ultimate. hahaha.

on running a 5K marathon

my being sporty hasn’t stopped ceasing to amaze me. if you asked me 5 years ago if i’d ever take up a sport i’d probably laugh at the ridiculousness of the idea. most of my high school friends are still a bit suprised on how addicted i’ve become to ultimate frisbee. :))

yesterday marked another milestone because for the first time i joined a 5K marathon. we were required by our ultimate coach to join it so i really didn’t have a choice. i didn’t get to train for it properly either. i think some of us were dreading the idea of the 5K marathon. yes, we all spend tuesday and thursday nights and sundays running after a disc but that’s still different from a marathon.

i wasn’t able to jog the entire 5 kilometers. i walked at some parts, especially the parts that were uphill. :)) but i finished the race in 39 minutes and 23 seconds. not bad for a first timer without proper training. 😉 now i feel challenged to make jogging a regular thing so that the next time i join a 5K marathon i’ll be able to run the entire thing.

wimbledon ’08

i’ve been up late once again watching wimbledon. there have been lots of upsets in the first 4 rounds. lots of seeded players have lost their bid for the championships already, especially in the ladies’ draw. too bad, most of the pretty girls are gone! hahaha.

sharapova in her tuxedo outfit. i guess with a body like that you’d look great in anything.

pretty girl ivanovic is out. i didn’t like her outfit that much.

my favorite outfit of the tournament belonged to jankovic. simple yet nice!

oh, and nadal is so cute!!! hehehe.

weee!!! vamos rafa!