i’ve been surfing the net for nice quotes to put on my tumblr site when i came upon quotes from ally mcbeal. i love ally mcbeal! i love it when her imagination gets the better of her and the fact that she gets herself in the weirdest, uncomfortable situations. but what i love most about her is how she stays ever hopeful in her belief that love does exist despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. she reminds me of myself sometimes. 😉

Sometimes I’m tempted to become a street person, cut off from society but then I wouldn’t get to wear my outfits.

Forgive me because I have spent my whole life crafting this little list of how it’s supposed to go when I meet somebody and as I’ve gotten older I’ve become more willing to make compromises. There’s only one real prerequisite left on the list for the man in my life… I have to love him.

The last thing you want is to be in love with someone you can’t have. Believe me, that’s something I know.

     i agree with her here! unrequited love is a bitch!

You know I just got this piano, sometimes I sing this song it’s called goodnight my someone…and it’s about…well, basically it’s a love song about someone you never met but you know is out there. And I dunno we make so few promises to ourselves as we grow up and one of them is that on our wedding day we walk down the aisle with someone we love. Somebody who does make your heart bounce, I guess. And there are some promises that I think we have to keep.

     this is my favorite quote from the series. and i do love the song goodnight my someone. it’s from the broadway musical: music man.

Loneliness is the feeling that there might never be anybody ever again.

     i’m sure most of us have felt this way after a relationship ends… the feeling that you’ll never love again and that you’ll never be loved again.

Check him out — even if he’s a Maybe; even if you know he’s not really The One, but you feel he has a chance of being The One. Coz the right ones — even those who have the remotest possibility of being The One — they don’t come by too often, if they ever do come at all.

I need to believe that men and women love each other. I need to know that they go home to each other every night, so I can believe that it will happen to me too someday.

You’re someone who desperately needs love but who no longer believes in it.

     awww… i hope that despite whatever heartbreaks the future has in store for me, that i’d never turn very cynical. 

You find the love of your life as a teenager. You’ve been waiting for another love like that to come along. Now you’re thinking that it might not. You’ll never know love again, that’s what’s eating you. Don’t beat yourself up for thinking these things– you could be 100% right.

I’ve spent my entire life doing what she’s done — loving the one not there… somebody I’ve never met. I Have a rough idea of what he looks like. I have a more specific take on what he thinks, what he feels. I have an almost exact sense of how he makes me feel. I’ve never met him. I may never meet him. I’ve actually been told he’s not even out there.

     i think i’ve been loving the one not there for the longest time. am i setting too many standards for the guy of my dreams to live up to? is this why i’m still single? hehehe.

The greatest insanity now is that people still think that the right love will come along. But people often find out that the right one slipped away, never did the right one ever come along.

There are some people who meet that somebody that they can never stop loving, no matter how hard they try. I wouldn’t expect you to understand that, or even believe it, but trust me, there are some loves that don’t go away. And maybe that makes them crazy, but we should all be lucky enough to end up with somebody who has a little of that insanity. Someone who never lets go. Someone who cherishes you forever.

     those who find this kind of love are lucky. and i really do wish for me and all of my friends to be lucky enough to find true, everlasting love. *sigh*

Sometimes, when you hold out for everything, you end up with nothing.

     i remember this episode. this is the episode where a “fat” guy was engaged to marry a “fat” girl who he wasn’t in love with. ally was able to convince him not to settle so he cancelled the engagement. this is what the jilted fiancee said to ally when she was explaining to ally that a marriage of convenience and companionship was not so bad after all. this is one of my favorite episodes.

I think I need to believe that it works. Love. Couplehood. Partnerships. The idea that when people come together they stay together. I have to take that with me to bed every night, even if I’m going to bed alone. That’s a McBealism.

     this is a tisha-lism too! (pangit ba nung term? parang pinilit? hehehe) i does help though, seeing other people find true love. it makes you believe that love is real, that it’s out there and that hopefully you will be lucky enough to find it. 😀

Whoever said that theres plenty of fish in the sea was lying. Sometimes there’s only one fish. Trust me.

     ahhh… i’m sure you know this quote. it’s one of the more memorable ones. hmm… i don’t know my official stand about this topic yet. i believe it’s possible for someone to fall-in-love more than once but i also believe in a soulmate, that one person who will be your match in everything.

What, he can’t be a man and just paw me a little? I am a sexual object for godsake, he couldn’t give me a little grope.

     hahaha! sometimes us girls need a little grope, too. 😉

If you think back and replay your year, if it doesn’t bring you tears, either of joy or sadness, consider the year wasted.

Love is um … well… it’s like an obstacle course. Some people let the obstacles win and then there are those who don’t.

Even if I get past my problems I’m just going to go out and get new ones!

     sometimes i think it’s better to just lock oneself in the house and stay there. but then where’s the fun in that? hahaha!

Sometimes, I wonder if it’s only Hope that I’ve got going in my life.

     hope is not such a bad thing to have in your life, though. 😉

The real fraud is the mindset that has been ingrained in us since childhood: that people get the person of their dreams. Most don’t.

     this is a really cynical thing to say. but it’s true. most people don’t really find the person of their dreams. that’s why i think it’s very important that when you do find that person that you don’t let them go, ever.

ally mcbeal marathon anyone? 😀