what’s so special about that date? well, i’m getting married! joke. haha! nope, i’m flying to singapore to watch Sara Bareilles live. yay! yay! yay! yay! yay! although my wallet is shouting, nooooooo!

upon hearing she was performing in asia, but not in manila, i spent a lot of time going back and forth in my head on whether or not to spend an obscene amount of money to watch her live. you already know which one i chose. i always wondered about people who fly in just to watch someone perform? well, now i understand. i just couldn’t let the opportunity to watch her possibly perform this live.

this is my song of the moment, by the way.

oh, and if you’re wondering who i’m watching with? well, i’m flying solo, watching solo and staying at a mixed dormitory hostel. exciting right? hahaha!

as i said earlier, May 11, is there any way for you to come sooner?