i have been sadly remiss in writing this year. 10 posts for the year so far. how pathetic is that? *sigh* i haven’t been taking as many pictures as well which is pretty sad since i’ve traveled more this year than any other year. *sigh* i am super mega uninspired right now. i’m in this weird funk and i don’t know how to snap out of it.

thank heavens for micro-blogging though. i became active again on twitter early june and i’ve been pretty faithful in keeping my followers posted on the mundane stuff in my life. 

there are around 5 drafts in my queue waiting to be finished but instead i find myself playing bejeweled blitz or zuma blitz on facebook. i’m writing this post now because i’m waiting for my lives to be restored so i can play zuma blitz again. haha!

grabe… inspiration, where art thou? i seriously need my mojo back!