let me start by clueing you in on what i’ve been up to this past couple of months. early april, i finally stopped procrastinating and decided to take that first step to “living my dream” by signing up for a musical theater workshop. i’ve been trying to keep it on the down low since i don’t want a lot of my friends showing up for our showcase presentation come end of may. there’s so much i want to share about my experience so far, but i’m reserving another post for that (and hopefully, i’d have the time and energy to write it).

during one of the bonding sessions i spent with my classmates, we watched some of their old productions. one was bare, which they did last year. it’s about two gay high school students and their struggles at their private, catholic boarding school. to be honest, i wasn’t expecting much when i downloaded it out of curiosity. it took me by surprise when i instantly fell-in-love with it. here are some songs from the off-broadway recording…

you and i

You take my hand leaving me breathless
Feel the beat of my racing heart so you’ll understand
And know why we whisper in hallways
I’ll be with you always
Running together, forever you and I

best kept secret

I know this world can have a place for us
If we just try to find a way to trust that time will be kind
In a fantasy I dream, awake, but reality is give and take
You take what you can, you give time a chance
We have to wait until the world is fast asleep
I’ll wipe away your doubt
Show you why we keep
The best kept secret
The best kept secret…of all

touch my soul

I let them in, we make some noise
They let themselves out, thats their choice
Boys will be boys…
The phone won’t ring and I become some anicdote
And though I’ve had my fun, it gets lonely

But then came your kiss
And all I was missing was there in your eyes
Your lonely blue eyes
So please, say you’ll stay
Say you’ll never go away
My discarded heart has finally found a home
I know its love… you touch my soul

once in a while you listen to song that touches you in a way no other song has. i was trying to hold back tears when i first listened to this one. needless to say, i related so much to her situation. you know, a girl standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her. hahaha! 😛 seriously though, ivy is one of my dream roles now.

once upon a time

Once upon a time
I first held your hand
And love was not a crime
In a private world where
You said ‘don’t look down’
But then I did and now you’re lost above me


here’s the torrent. i highly recommend downloading it and listening to the entire thing. i’m sre you’ll fall-in-love with it like i did.