yes, i know i did just come from boracay and i was just in bangkok late january but this was a very last minute business trip. we were able to finish all the paperwork just in time for friday closing and i flew out just this morning. i’ll be here till march 12 then i’ll be heading out to boracay again for the annual boracay open beach ultimate tournament.

this is my very first business trip and i’m pretty scared of royally screwing up. haha! it’s awesome travelling on business though. my suite is huge! i’m staying at the parklane suites of the goodwood park hotel singapore.

i did take some pics with my camera but my cheapipay memory card reader isn’t working so i can’t load them.

i still owe you a lot of kwento from boracay and the week after boracay. i still can’t believe how much has been happening to me since the start of this year. it’s still february for crying out loud! (although, it’ll be march in a few minutes. haha!) oh well, it seems the universe is making up for all those years i spent just breezing through. *sigh* i promise to update you guys soon! 🙂

still wishing i have sand at my feet