with everything that’s happened in january, i somehow feel as though i’m already right smack in the middle of 2010 rather than just in the first quarter.

2010 started out really rough. scratch that, it started out pretty awesome actually with an impromptu beach trip with some of my high school classmates. having been stuck to the house most of the time i’m in davao, i haven’t really explored the beaches in samal island. i’m glad that during my latest vacation home i was able to go to the beach not once but two times. the first time with my high school barkada and the second time with a handful of my high school classmates.

davao beaches are gorgeous!

looking back now, only the first week of 2010 back in manila was a wreck. first, i lost my ipod, which i am absolutely attached to. then i saw something i wasn’t quite sure i wanted to see. then i spent the rest of the week in horrid anticipation of the dinner in relation to that something i wasn’t quite sure i wanted to see. then we had the dinner and “the talk” and everything felt right again. sorry for being cryptic, i really don’t want to air out my dirty laundry in public. so there, i finally was able to close a chapter that’s been haunting me since 2008. as i was telling a friend of mine, it felt so good to be totally free and unencumbered with that burden anymore. 🙂

after that stressful week, things started perking up. work was a bit stressful but when is it isn’t, right? nina and i joined another ultimate team, the Breakfast Club, where we get to wear pink. haha!

…and i met someone. but it’s too soon to tell whether or not this someone is someone special. in the two weeks i spent getting to know him, i’ve started questioning a lot of stuff in my life. so much of my life now is spent in the search of fun and enjoyment: ultimate frisbee, drinking, partying, etc. and yet there’s always been that nagging thought at the back of my mind, what about God? i’ve always been open about my life before and my constant struggle with my own Christianity, i’ve even written about it. 2010 was supposed to be about enjoyment, the way 2009 was but now i’m starting to re-evaluate the way i’ve been living my life. yeah, there are some pretty heavy stuff happening in my mind right now and it’s all so hard to explain at the moment. i feel as though God has finally found a way to get through to me once again and this time i think He used the strongest ammunition of all, a boy. hahahahahahaha! but i’m going way ahead of myself right now. i really can’t help that i have a strong imagination right? at this point, only time will tell. i’ll try to keep you posted as much as i can. 😉