it’s 4am and i haven’t slept yet. it’s my fault, really. i don’t want to sleep because i’m scared i’ll miss my 8am flight to cagayan de oro. so here i am surfing the internet and the tv. i realize that i haven’t been updating this blog anymore. so here’s a pathetic, last-minute attempt to update you with the latest, juiciest stuff that’s been happening to me.

life has been pretty monotonous as of late. work has been hectic to say the least. and i haven’t been able to attend ultimate training because i keep having to stay a bit later than normal in the office. the stress level is still something i can handle but i feel myself getting fatter everyday. 😦 on happier news, my hula-hoop arrived already so i have an alternative method of exercise already. i’m already pretty good with waist hooping and i’m getting the hang of hip hooping already. it’s pretty exciting actually and i really want to learn as many moves as i can. at least i still have some semblance of physical activity.

my mind, on the other hand, gets the all the exercise it could get. every wednesday, i join a group of friends at Panama Jack for Quizzo Nights. it’s so much fun! so far i’ve realized that i suck at geography questions and current events and that i’m pretty good with hollywood showbiz questions. it’s actually a pretty good way to unwind after a stressful day at work. so grab a bunch of your friends and join us at Panama Jack on wednesdays! 😀

another thing that has got me excited is the fact that the US fall tv season is upon us. all my favorite shows are back and i am psyched about them all. but the one that’s got me hooked is Glee! it had me at Love, Look Away and it’s got me ever since. Glee is my definition of tv heaven: broadway songs, cute song&dance numbers and hot guys who could sing. *sigh* if only we could just all break into song when we feel like it without looking like total psychos. hahahaha! anyway, here’s the Gold Digger cover from the show. it’s not the actual clip but just the audio. youtube has been pretty strict with their videos lately. oh well…

wow, that took longer than expected. now, i’m late. i’m off to iligan for some ultimate, river-tubing, caving/rappelling and just chilling with a bunch of my friends. ahhh… despite everything, life is still good. 😀