well, i really hope it doesn’t or else i’m definitely f*cked. 😦

bad luck moment #1 a.k.a. ms. klutz yet again!

three weeks ago i sprained my right ankle during ultimate training in legaspi park. i already know i can be pretty klutzy without even trying but i haven’t been injured since i started playing ultimate frisbee. my mom was so concerned when i started playing ultimate that she told me during one conversation that i should be careful when i play because i have a tendency to trip on myself even while walking. i once sprained my ankle while getting out of a cab in front of our gate.

but as i was saying, i haven’t been injured in quite a while. i’ve suffered a few spills while playing ultimate, got shin splints by wearing cleats on hard ground but so far i’ve had a pretty clean slate on the injury aspect. my right kneecap was dislcoated prior to my sports debut, during an intense game of pop your opponents balloon during college. stupid parlor game! 😦

while i would prefer that you think that i was sprinting or jumping or attempting to do a layout to catch a disc, i really didn’t sprain my ankle that way. i had just finished a drill and was walking back to the line when i stepped over a pretty big hole. i heard a crack and found myself lying down on the grass. for a moment i thought i broke my ankle ‘coz the pain was pretty unbearable. i spent the next 4 days at home with my foot elevated, alternating hot and cold compress therapy. by the 4th day, my ankle wasn’t as swollen as it was previously and i could walk with minimal pain so i decided to go ahead and play on sunday. i got through, but looking back now i think it was just the painkillers i drank earlier that day. the 2nd sunday i played on it was bad because i twisted it again. now it’s still swollen and hurts when i run on it or wear high heels. argh, hassle talaga! i’ll have to get this checked up because it may be something else. hopefully it isn’t though.

bad luck moment #2 a.k.a. ewww… i don’t want to make swimming in the baha!

i attended today’s games in ACC but didn’t play because of my bad ankle. actually i could’ve drank painkillers and played but due to a last-minute gimmick last night, nina & i ended up sleeping over at joy’s condo. i wasn’t able to go home to get my ultimate gear anymore. good thing i left some clothes over at joy’s condo which i was able to wear earlier today.

it was a hot, humid day but it started raining at about 2pm. we were having late lunch at congo grill west gate then. we left at around 4pm. i hitched a ride with pia and was at manila by around 5pm. i then took a cab to my place. it’s normally just a 30-min ride from pia’s house to my house but it took me about 2.5 hours today.

there were flooded areas everywhere! and when i say flooded, i mean water-above-the-knees flooded. this isn’t the first time i got stuck in a flood. back in september 2006, i actually walked from south super highway to my office in the island in the middle of the road because the flood water was that high. this time, floodwater was already seeping into the floor of the cab. we tried different routes to get to my place but we kept encountering high floodwater everytime. it was pretty harrowing. all i could do was close my eyes and pray that the car won’t stall in the middle of it all.

<insert phone pics> (i took some pics on my phone but i’m too sleepy to post them tonight. perhaps tomorrow.)

i was actually considering walking from marcelo st to my place in the rain but i decided against it because: (1) i didn’t have an umbrella; (2) i was wearing a lowcut green dress; (3) i had some of my favorite film cameras with me; and (4) it would be really gross to walk about 25 blocks in knee high, dirty floodwater. i was really lucky that i got a really nice cab driver. he was more concerned in getting me home than the damage the floodwater was doing to his car. the restaurants of banawe were such a welcome sight to me. i breathed a big sigh of relief when we finally got my street.

i’m so thankful that my cab driver was great. i’m sure a lot of cab drivers would’ve let me go down instead of take me home. needless to say, i tipped him a riduculous amount of money. i really do hope he got home safely. 

it stopped raining already so that means i’ll have to go to the office tomorrow instead of working from home. hassle! 😦 i really hope i don’t get sick after today’s quite unexpected adventure.

oh no, there’s another one!?!

they do say that bad luck comes in threes, and i’m so not looking forward to finding out if it’s true. a badly sprained ankle, getting stuck for 2 hours in floodwater, being single since birth, what else can the universe throw at me? okay, okay,  so i just added the last one because i added the first of a series of friends’ weddings coming up in the next few months.  😛 waah, hopefully bad luck moment #3 is not going to be so bad. it wouldn’t be so bad if good luck comes my way next, too! hahaha! 😉