i’ve been on quite a high since early saturday morning and it’s all because i saw a long-time crush in fiamma. at first i wasn’t sure it was him because well, i’ve only met him once and that was almost a year ago. since i was my sober, shy self at that time, nina was the one who approached him first to ask if he was who i thought he was. AND IT WAS HIM!!! so we ended up talking for quite a while, with none of my typical mental lapses. now, i’m in that state where i’m imagining all these alternative futures, most of which i’m sure will never come to be. i feel like breaking into song…

Oh baby baby baby

I see us on our first date

You’re doin everything that makes me smile

And when we had our first kiss

It happened on a Thursday

Ooooo it set my soul on fire

Ooo baby baby baby

I can’t wait for the first time

My imagination’s runnin wild

It feels like ooooo**

i really should stop daydreaming and start giving myself a reality check. haha! i kinda empathize with Joel Parish in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind when he said, why do i fall in love with every woman i see who shows me the least bit of attention? yeah, why do i fall in love with every cute guy with an accent? hahahahaha! oh well, i haven’t gotten this kind of a schoolgirl crush since i was, well, a schoolgirl. it’s pretty fun actually! ;P

and while i’m in the topic of crushes, rafa looks so HOT in pink… it’s so sad that he lost to Soderling while i was writing this entry. i think i lost my voice shouting at the tv screen. waaaah!!!!

* Mrs. Officer by Lil Wayne
** You Don’t Know My Name by Alicia Keys