c’mon, i’m sure you know what this game is all about but for those non-alcoholics out there, here’s how it’s played…

i never

i’ve played this game only twice, not really wanting to reveal anything to people i don’t feel comfortable sharing these type of information with. plus it can get pretty uncomfortable when you’ve hooked up with another person that’s part of the circle and you don’t want the rest of them to know about it. i’m still pretty pissed about him trying to get me to drink to one of the statements which we both know i should’ve drank to but didn’t.

there are two ways you tend to feel after playing this game: either that you are prude or that you are a slut, both of which are entirely subjective. there’s nothing wrong in feeling either emotion too. it’s pretty interesting how sex has evolved from being a somewhat taboo topic to being the main theme of some movies, tv shows (Sex and the City!) and advertisements. we are surrounded by sexual innuendos… an Axe deodorant commercial where a woman bites off the ass of a chocolate covered man and billboards of hot celebrities modelling underwear. sex is everywhere nowadays!

the Philippines is currently being taken by storm by the Hayden Kho scandals. videos of a local doctor who has a fetish for videotapping himself while having sex have been leaked on the internet. it doesn’t help that his victims are starlets, models and mainstays in gossip columns. what’s really funny though is how everyone’s making a big deal out of it. the case is in the senate for crying out loud! why our government deems it necessary to intercede in such a menial issue is beyond me. in my opinion, there are far more important issues that the government should be paying attention to.  i think they’ve sensationalized this issue because the Philippines is supposedly a “conservative” country. yeah, right! there’s nothing “conservative” about teenagers getting pregnant, streetwalkers along Makati Avenue or Quezon City, and our ever-booming nightlife scene whose ingredients can include booze, drugs and sex. we even have our own craigslist, ya know?! i’m sure we would all like to portray our country, which is known to be a Christian country, as pure but it really isn’t anymore. what’s more irking are how self-righteous some people are, condemning and judging Katrina for the video. remember the story of the adulterous woman from the Bible? when Jesus was asked what her punishment should be, he says, “Let the person among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.” (John 8:7) okay, so i totally googled that one up! 😛

sooo… this post suddenly became a rant on the Kho-Halili scandal which wasn’t really my intention but i couldn’t help it. haha! i guess what i’m trying to say is that what happens between a man and a woman behind closed doors is their business, whether they have a sextape or not. we’ve come a long way from Ladies being told to lie down and think of England during the sexual act. there is nothing wrong in exploring or enjoying everything there is out there. and, mind you, there is quite a lot to explore! so go and kiss someone of the same sex (something i don’t think i’ll ever do. :P), makeout with a stranger at a party, maybe even have a one-night stand… just don’t expect to be sober or functional after playing “i never” though. hahahaha!