yes, i’ve definitely been here before. it’s feels like i’ve been traveling on this road for quite a while only to find myself back where i started. and i wonder, will i always feel this strange every time he shows interest in another girl? New Order said it best in their song, Bizarre Love Triangle: every time i see you falling, i get down on my knees and pray. to be completely honest, this time around i don’t feel all that bad anymore. maybe time has performed enough of it’s magic to mend my wounds. perhaps i’ve imagined this situation so many times in my mind that it’s easier to accept it now. or maybe, just maybe, i’ve finally moved on.

on top of that issue, i have to deal with another guy from my past who doesn’t seem to be sure what he wants of me yet. or maybe i’m the one with the problem reading his actions. i’ve never been good with the mixed signals and the half-assed attempts of asking me out. my close friends who know about this tell me that it’s not worth it and sometimes i don’t think it is too. but then, we never really know do we?

life can be completely random sometimes. and yet we find our lives so delicately intertwined with each other. it’s particularly funny to find out that one of your new friends is dating one of the guys you or your friend was dating. despite the billions of people here on this earth, we keep discovering that it’s a small world after all.

*lyrics from After All by Peter Cetera