i was finally able to watch this movie last week. i’ve had it in my dvd queue for a while now but i wasn’t in the mood to watch it till last week. i should’ve watched it sooner!!! some songs from the soundtrack have been playing on a loop in my ipod since then. i just can’t get enough of them!

i really truly love broadway! as usual, every ounce of my body is once again yearning to drop everything and find some way to become a broadway actress. but i’ve already faced the fact that that’s one dream that’ll always remain a dream.

here are some songs from the movie/broadway play that i’d like to share with you…

light my candle

hindi naman siya malandi noh? 😉 i love this because it’s cute and flirty! like me! hahaha.

i’ll cover you

so with a thousand sweet kisses, I’ll cover you.


another day

there’s only us.
there’s only this.
forget regret or life you’re sure to miss.
no other road.
no other way.
no day but today!

there’s only now.
there’s only here.
give in to love or life in fear.
no other path.
no other way.
no day but today!

my favorite song from the soundtrack. i included this clip from the broadway play. in my opinion the best thing about broadway/musicals are songs like this where characters answer each other in song. simply genius! by the way, this is also sung in the end of the movie as…

Finale B

seasons of love

525,600 minutes, 525,000 moments so dear.
525,600 minutes – how do you measure, measure a year?
In daylights, in sunsets, in midnights, in cups of coffee.
In inches, in miles, in laughter, in strife.
In 525,600 minutes – how do you measure a year in the life?
How about love? How about love? How about love? Measure in love.
Seasons of love.

what’s a rent playlist without this song?

PS: it’s so me to break my writing hiatus by posting about a broadway musical/movie. hahaha! 😉