…not that i’ve gone anywhere really. it’s just that i haven’t been in the mood to write since the beginning of the year. and it isn’t that i haven’t had anything to write about because there’ve been some weird stuff going on around me.  i just didn’t feel like writing. call it writer’s block if you want. all i know is i’m back and i’m here to stay. 😉

first things first… yes, i’m still alive and i’m doing well. a few of you have voiced out your concerns over my disturbing post. i’ve learned to accept the fact that depression is a part of my life and that moments like that are unavoidable. but i’ve got the bestest(!) friends who i know will be there for me each time. 🙂

you must be wondering what’s been taking up my time so much that i haven’t been able to update at all. well, our house helper decided to leave us because of some back pains she’s been experiencing. so i’ve taken over the household duties of doing the laundry and ironing which i normally do on monday, wednesday or friday nights. i’ve started ultimate training again, which means my tuesday and thursday nights are now dedicated to sweating my butt off trying to improve my ultimate skills. i spent the first two weekends of the year out of town. the first weekend in pansol, the second in La Union where i tried out surfing for the first time. 🙂

see, things have been pretty hectic for me this past few weeks. and it’s just the start of the year. there’s so much to look forward to this year… an almost 4-week trip to the US in april, my 3rd boracay open in march, an entire year of ultimate frisbee, hopefully more impromptu beach trips and hopefully *crossing my fingers* an exciting love life. hahaha! 😛

speaking of my uber exciting love life, according to thefrisky.com, i’ll be getting some action during June to August. just check out my chart:

sana June na… hahaha! 😛

anyway, i’ll be leaving for ultimate training in a few minutes. i’ll catch up with you again tomorrow! :*