i have a little confession to make. i’m starting to develop this major crush on Robert Pattinson which is really weird ‘coz he’s really not my type. i’ve been watching online interviews of him on youtube and i must say he’s really cute in the i-look-like-i-haven’t-showered-yet-but-i-really-don’t-care kind of way. seriously, what’s wrong with his hair? despite his distracting hair, i’m still getting a bit too interested in his life and activities. perhaps it’s that boyish charm that’s reeling me in. 😀


i finally read cleolinda‘s recap of the Twilight movie: Twilight in Fifteen Minutes. the perfect recap in my opinion!!! it was so hard trying not to laugh out loud at my desk. =)

this isn’t twilight related anymore but i’m really really loving this song right here…

clip from Center Stage 2 Turn It Up

the song is Swing Baby Swing by The DNC and it’s playing on loop on my ipod right now.