i finally got to watch in search of a midnight kiss last night. here’s the trailer if you missed my previous post

when i first saw this trailer i was intrigued because i didn’t know what the hell craigslist was. i checked it out and realized that it was this classified ads kind of site. there’s even one for manila. anyway, i was a bit surprised to see all the postings on the personals section of the site. there are some really cheesy ones like Looking for the girl of my dreams and some really blunt ones like Looking for NSA fun (NSA = no strings attached). there are even more sexually explicit stuff posted on the casual encounters section (yes, there is a casual encounters section! hahaha.) while reading the various posts (and getting shocked by some of the pictures), a thought occurred to me… there are so many lonely people out there. i think most of us are just looking for some kind of human connection, whether it be a short & physical one or a long & meaningful one. 

you realize you’re growing a bit more cynical when movies like this, once and before sunrise make more sense than those with disney-like happy endings. two strangers meeting randomly and having a brief but tangible connection can seem more realistic than two people falling-in-love and living happily-ever-after.

sometimes i wish i were still a kid and movies with princes and princesses and happily-ever-afters were all i knew. i have some weird moments where i feel as though i shouldn’t be doing some things despite my age. when this happens i stop and think to myself and i realize that i am an adult already and that yes, i can do those things. somehow, i feel that i’m still not ready to be an adult. i can’t explain it, it’s a weird feeling. *sigh* sometimes, being a grown-up can suck!