so OBVIOUSLY, i’m not over yet. that’s that.

moving on…

i watched the twilight movie yesterday with my mom and my sister and i liked it. okay, so it’s not Oscar material but well, I wasn’t expecting it to be Oscar material in the first place. i came into the movie house with low expectations because of all the bad reviews i was reading and hearing from friends. there are quite a few things i didn’t like:

  • bad makeup. i know that the cullens are the walking undead but why must their skin look so pasty white?
  • the lack of background music. there was a part in the middle where edward and bella were getting to know each other where there was no music whatsoever. it felt as though something was decidedly lacking from the scenes.
  • the panning in the scene where she tells edward that she knows he’s a vampire. it just seemed rather wrong.
  • some scenes from the book that were changed in the movie. i really liked the scene from the book where Edward blocks Bella’s car so that Tyler could ask her out to the prom but they didn’t include that in the movie. oh well…

i’m a bit 50-50 on the acting. they had good chemistry together. Kristen Stewart is really really pretty!!! i love her hair in the movie especially during the bedroom makeout scene. Rob Pattinson had his handsome angles although he’s really not my type and his makeup was a bit distracting. i think his brooding, tortured portrayal of Edward Cullen still needs improvement but he did a pretty good job. i think they both did a good job. kinilig nga ako eh. 😛

i think the biggest complaint is how different the movie is from the book. i kept on recalling scenes from the book and thinking hmm… that’s not how it happened in the book. i think the main problem when a book is turned into a movie is the fact that the way we imagined how things happened in the book may be different from a screenwriter or director’s vision of it. the imagination is such a powerful tool that book-movie adaptations tend to fall short of how we envisioned it to be. 

i’m glad they’re making another movie. hopefully the next one will have a better makeup coordinator. hahaha! my sister told me that this first film was low budget despite all the hype that was attached to it. now that it’s made a killing in the box office, i hope they get more money to make the second movie a lot better. to think there’s supposed to be scenes filmed in italy!!! hahaha. it’s no secret that New Moon is my favorite book of the series. it was probably the most boring because of the way it started but Stephanie Meyer did a good job in writing about Bella’s heartbreak. perhaps a bit too emo, but still it was good. i may not be a super fangirl but i am already eagerly anticipating the next movie. hahaha!