i’d been wanting to buy myself a personal laptop for quite a while now. my 13th month arrived this week so i traipsed off to the mall to make the purchase. oh, i’d been thinking on what to get for as long as i’ve wanted to buy a laptop. i’d been scanning the forums, reading specs and debates on which brand and model i should get. the final decision came down to two brands: a sony vaio or an apple macbook. i was actually leaning towards the vaio because i could buy it in pink!!! hahaha. no joke, getting a laptop in a cute color was one of my main concerns. i’d check specs and then i’d look at the pictures and my heart would leap at how cute the pink vaio was. my sister and some friends finally convinced me to buy a macbook.

so it was set. i was getting a macbook. then i had to deal with a new problem. the “old” macbook white vs. the “new” aluminum macbook. haay… i didn’t understand half of the specs i was reading so i actually couldn’t have cared less. but when i checked the forums i saw that the “new” aluminum macbook did not have a firewire. i don’t take videos much or anything but i realized that i’d still like to have that feature just in case. so i decided on the “old” macbook white. =)

it wasn’t so easy making the purchase though. when i got to the mall, i checked out the vaio one more time then headed to the powermac store. when i got there i kept on pacing the store looking at the different mac models then checking the prices again. then another thought entered my mind, maybe i should get a desktop instead of a laptop. argh! it bothered me so much that i decided to sleep on it one more night. the next day, i once again browsed through forums and debates and decided that i wanted the portability of a laptop more then i needed the pixel size of a big monitor.

i finally went through with the purchase on wednesday. so now i’m the proud mommy of a 250GB, 2.1Ghz Macbook White! please don’t ask me about the rest of the specs, i’m horribly bad at stuff like that. when i got home i tried immediately to connect to the net using our wireless system here at home. unfortunately i couldn’t get through so i just accessed it directly through the modem. i tried accessing the wireless again when i got home last night and still encountered problems. it had me worried so i started immediately on researching what could be wrong. apparently there is a common problem with the macbook and linksys router connection. i tried following instructions on how to configure the linksys router but failed miserably. i decided to call it a night and just went to sleep.

at the office today, i researched all i could regarding troubleshooting the macbook-linksys router problem. i’ve been to countless forums and read a lot of work-arounds to the problem. given how common this problem it, it surprised me that it was so hard to find a published solution. so here’s my attempt in helping other mac users who’ll encounter this same problem. this wouldn’t be so technical. it’ll just be the step-by-step guide with the proper links to some how-to’s i found very helpful.

How to configure a Linksys router for a Macbook

Macbook specs: Mac OS X Version 10.5.4
Linksys: WRT54G Version 7.0

1. Reset Linksys router. Don’t know how? Click here.

2. Set-Up Linksys router depending on internet service: Cable or DSL. All you have to do is follow the instructions. It’s pretty straight-forward.

3. Set-Up Wireless Setting. Click here. When choosing the Wireless Channel, choose 11.

4. Set-Up Wireless Security. Click here. It’s up to you if you want your wireless connection to be secure or unsecure. I chose to disable the security settings. It’ll be less of a hassle making the wireless connection public because I wouldn’t have to keep providing friends with the password when they hang out here.

5. Try it out! You’re wireless connection should be working perfectly now.

There are a lot of other solutions posted over the internet. There’s one which says that the firmware version should be downgraded to 1.00.9 (i think). Another says that a $ should be placed before the WEP password. Another says that the wireless security should be set to WAP2 and that MAC filtering should be enabled. I haven’t tried any of these methods yet because the above one worked for me. I hope it sticks though or else I’d have to do some troubleshooting again. =)