last friday night, otherwise known as All Hallow’s Eve, nina, joy and i went out with the two french dudes who we met at La Union last, last weekend. i normally spend Halloween at home counting down the hours till morning. if you’re not aware, i’m a big Big BIG scaredy-cat. this year was different though, because all three of us were looking forward to meeting cute guys. let’s face it, meeting cute guys trumps my unfounded fears. hahaha!

we didn’t dress up in costumes because well, we just didn’t. 😛 i didn’t know so many people actually dressed up during Halloween in the first place. apparently, using Halloween as an excuse to dress up as a slut is done here as well as in the US. *sorry, may pagka-manang na talaga ako.*

we met up with the guys for drinks at Temple Bar where we met a few more of their friends: Vincent (HOT!) and Sebastian (HOTTER!) who was with his girlfriend Olivia (HOT!). we then went to a private party of one of their friends in Valero where we met a few more foreign guys. (yup, apparently we’ve broken into the foreign guys network.) after hanging out there and drinking beer, we decided to go to Bureau.

it was a bit disconcerting being the “filipinas with the foreigners.” we were getting being stared at quite a bit. admit it, we sometimes stare when we see a group of filipinas with foreigners. it was weird being part of the group being stared at. sometimes, nina, joy and i would stop and stare at other similar groups and ask each other whether we looked like the other filipina-foreigner couples around. then we’d shake our heads and assure each other that we don’t look at all like those girls and that we look less slutty and more intelligent. these thoughts vanished as soon as the dancing started in Bureau.

wow! it’s been too long since i had that much fun!!! just letting go and dancing with friends, it was great!!! we capped off the night at 5am with extremely tired feet but on a complete endorphin high! i didn’t even consume that much alcohol! i was high from all the dancing. i need more nights like these! 😀

anyway, i think my days of spending All Hallow’s Eve counting the hours till sunrise are over. next year, i’ll see if i can find a slutty-but-not-so-slutty outfit to wear. 😛