1. i don’t wear jeans that much. i prefer wearing skirts or dresses. i’ve always found it hard to shop for jeans because i’m a petite girl (5’1”) with child-bearing hips (37”). skirts and dresses hide my big hips so well that people are shocked when i tell them my measurements.

2. a part of me still yearns to be a broadway star. however, i have no formal vocal or acting training and have a sad case of stage fright which unfortunately doesn’t bode well for a career in the stage.

3. i really don’t have any career plans although i enjoy my job right now. i’ve always seen myself as a housewife, not that i’m lazy or that i don’t want to work, being a full-time mom is the closest to my idea of fulfillment.

4. i’m 25 and a member of the the SSB (Single Since Birth) and NBSB (No Boyfriend Since Birth) Clubs. more often than not i’m fine with my status but there are moments of insecurity and insanity when i question what the hell is wrong with me?

5. i love reading racy novels. i am as familiar with romance novel authors and books as i am with poetry and literature by DWM (dead white men).

6. my favorite feature in my body is my hair. i love the fact that it’s naturally wavy. i haven’t done any experimenting (i.e. perming, straightening, coloring)  with it yet because i’m so scared it’ll lose it’s natural wave. my breasts are probably my friends’ favorite feature in my body. tsk tsk tsk.

7. i can’t take chocolate in large doses, meaning i couldn’t eat an entire chocolate bar to save my life. i was allergic to it when i was younger so i never developed the “normal” craving for it. i love it in it’s saturated forms though: chocolate drinks, chocolate ice cream, chocolate cake.

8. when i’m happy (about anything at all) i tend to smile at random strangers, sing my current favorite song out loud and talk to myself. when i’m happy people may tend to think i’m crazy. hahaha!

9. i love walking. i love the rain. i love walking in the rain.

10. i grew up loving fairytales. i’m totally into woman empowerment. women nowadays can be beautiful, intelligent, powerful and totally independent from men. but deep inside i still believe that each woman deserves to be swept off her feet by her very own prince charming. i’m still waiting for mine. 😉