a few friends (nina, joy, rissa, jj, renan) and i headed to La Union last weekend to attend the La Union Surf Break. there was supposed to be a beach ultimate tournament but it was cancelled. we decided to go ahead with the trip anyway. we headed out from manila on friday evening. while a few of us fell asleep for a couple of hours during the 6-hour ride, we were all able to participate in a roadtrip game called Five Questions where suprise! suprise! most of the questions were of the sexual or romantic nature. after exhausting tons of questions, we got tired and started dozing off. we arrived at La Union at around 4am where we continued our sleep.

saturday was such a beautiful day. since it was just a chillax weekend, most of what we did was just lay on the sand soaking the rays of the sun. we swam a bit, tossed disc a bit and crowd watched. rissa was the one who said what i guess all of us were thinking, “ayos! tayo na ang pretty girls sa beach!” and i agreed with that with all humility. 😛 unfortunately for us, the number of hot guys were sparse until we saw a couple of hot foreigners tossing disc. joy wanted to go up to them and ask them if we could toss disc with them but i wasn’t feeling up to that pickup. when i finally agreed to do it, they had moved to the shoreline tossing with a kid, so we had to retreat. we then came up with the brilliant idea to start tossing near them and have the disc thrown a bit too far to where they were. it backfired though when one of the guys caught the disc then casually threw it back to nina. they disappeared after a while so we decided to direct our attention to taking sunset pics. nina isn’t in any of the pics because she was busy surfing. hahaha!

after freshening up for dinner, we set out with the task of finding where the cute guys were hanging out. we found them at a inihaw stall where we eventually decided to order dinner. there weren’t any tables available so we just had our food to go. we made renan and jj go back to the restaurant of where we were staying so they could reserve us a table (and well, so that the cute guys could talk to us without the two of the there.) we chose the most strategic spot to stand where we could see the guys and they could see us. however, none of them approached us. in fact, a few of them left the table after a few minutes. one guy asked us if we were waiting for the table to be free but we said we were just waiting for the our food to be served to go. we quickly realized the error of that answer but couldn’t take it back. after our food came, we walked back to the restaurant to have dinner and plot how we could hang out with those guys.

after dinner, we went back to our room to freshen up once again, this time to beautify ourselves more. yes, we had a plan! unfortunately when we left our room to search for the guys the were nowhere to be found anymore. so we went back to our room dejected and ready to consume some alcohol. there was a group already drinking outside our room and they offered us beer. so we started out hanging out with them, making our own party in the hotel we were staying at. they asked us our age and we told them it ranged from 23-25 which shocked them because they thought we were in high school or college and that we were with our dads. hahahahahahaha!!! yes, they thought renan and jj were our dads!!!! winner talaga yun!!! =))

disclaimer: to all my friends who read this blog and know of the people i’m talking about, please don’t tease any of my friends based on this entry. i wrote this so that someday when i’m old and decrepit i’ll be able to read this and remember this brief but super fun weekend. i’m not writing this as tsismis so that all of you would be instantly updated on what happened during our trip. understood?

after a while, a foreigner climbs up the stairs to our little party and asks us where he could buy tanduay. one of our new friends, gladys, directs him to the sari-sari store just outside our hotel. when he left, rissa and i looked at each other then at joy and nina and said, sila yun!!! so all of us dashed to the balcony awaiting their return so that we could ask them to join us for a few drinks. the two guys, drew and stefan, indeed join us for a few drinks when we ask them if they would. after a while, stefan leaves to get the rest of their crew and suddenly our little party has turned into our dream party. hahaha! i’m not in that pic. 😛

after a while, we decided to pack it up and head to the beach. there was a bonfire going on and a local brigada band playing. we had a couple of beers more and danced to the music (well, i didn’t dance because frankly i don’t know how to dance to that kind of music).

when we all were settling down, i noticed that suddenly we were all paired. i know that it was the intention of the group to get to know these guys but it seemed so weird, not to mention awkward, that we were all in the same area but in twos. there also was a big group composed of some of our other friends who were there for the weekend. so there i was sitting in the sand surrounded by friends “coupled” with the new guys we had just met. two of my friends had already hooked up with their guys already, and i was wondering if i should too. before the trip, i actually emailed my friends and told them that i wanted to hook up with a cute, random stranger because it’s been too long since i’ve had that kind of fun. but at that moment, it dawned on me that i actually couldn’t do it, not that the guy i was with wasn’t cute because he was in the Mohinder Suresh sort of way. but i couldn’t because i honestly did not feel a connection with him. i mean, i still could’ve made out with him despite the lack of an intellectual connection but i didn’t want to. i’ve been through a couple of those situations where i gave in to the moment and regretted my actions in the morning. and i knew, i just knew, that this would be one of those moments if i did go through with it. so me and my guy just talked. i’m sure he would’ve probably wanted to hook up, i mean that was expected. he was even touching the nape of my neck and my shoulders and back in the hinting way already.

when i was sleepy, i asked my friends if they wanted to go home with me and they said yes so we packed up the beach party. when i woke up the next morning, a lot of questions were running through my head on why i couldn’t do it and i came up with the conclusion that i couldn’t hook up with a random stranger who i didn’t know much about. most of the guys i’ve hooked up with guys i’ve known for more than two weeks. it took a while before the others woke up so i had done a lot of thinking that morning. when everyone was up, we decided to extend our stay for a few hours so we could still hit the beach. we did some fun body wave surfing which led to a few incidents of boob-pooping which just made us laugh and giggle. we met up with the foreigner guys again but this time i didn’t want to be “coupled” anymore. so my other friend who didn’t hook up with her guy and i decided to stick together to avoid another pairing incident as the night before. we left La Union at 4pm.

i never would’ve imagined that that weekend would’ve turned out that way. we were only there for two days but so much had happened. it was pretty shocking to have a chillax weekend turn into a soul-searching one for me. i still haven’t been kissed in quite a while but at least now i know that i’m really not into kissing a whole bunch of frogs to get to my prince charming. the next guy i kiss may or may not be the love of my life but at least now i know that he might not be a what-the-hell-did-i-do-last-night kind of mistake. perhaps the craziness i got myself into last year was just this weird phase i needed to get out of my system or maybe i just have to meet the right guy who’ll get me back to my lust-filled state. oh well, who knows what the future holds anyway? hahaha!