so i got sick after returning home sunday early morning from the TODA October Celebrants’ Party (because some people were still enthusiastically playing wii till the wee hours of the morning and i fell asleep waiting for them to finish.) now i’m stuck with a congestion with an irritating nasal drip which has to go away before friday night because i’m supposed to be heading to la union with a few friends for the weekend. anyway, i went home a bit earlier than usual from work in able to get some rest (which by the way i haven’t gotten yet because it’s 1:20am and i’m writing this blog entry. haha!) i ended up watching a video a tumblr contact posted which she said was funny and i couldn’t stop laughing. so here’s the clip of the first part of the show which is called The Big Fat Quiz of the Year (2006).

i just posted the first part so you have to go to youtube to check out the rest of the show. there’s also a 2007 version and hopefully there’ll be a 2008 because it’s really funny.

i also wached the last 2 episodes of the series Lost in Austen which is about a woman who switches places with Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice. it’s actually pretty funny and this is my favorite scene. i’m sure if i were in her shoes i’d probably ask Mr. Darcy to do the same thing. hahaha!!!

anyway, i’m really supposed to be getting some rest. my nose is pretty sore from all the vaporizing and blowing already. i really do hope i get well before la union because i really have been looking forward to this beach trip. 😉 goodnight blog! :*