say hello to my newest tat…

here is the deepest secret nobody knows

yes, i got another tat! 😛 tattoos have become a small obsession for me. i’m fascinated by them: the designs and the reasons people get them. personally, i think tattoos are sexy. it may seem a shallow reason but that’s the main reason why i like them.

it’s always been in my “bucket list” to get a tattoo although i never actually thought i’d get one done. when one of my close friends got one the start of the year i knew i had to get one but i was scared of the pain and contaminated needles. the second fear was repudiated since i went to a reputable tattoo shop to get my tat done. the first fear, however, was a bit harder to dispel. i must admit to holding my breath till that first prick of the needle to which my first reaction was ay! yun lang yun? hahaha!!! whatever the feeling was, it wasn’t pain because i had experienced more painful things like dismenorrhea or a severe migraine which could really cause me to tear up. getting a tat wasn’t even close to that. (yes, i know i got my first tat earlier this year but i never got around to writing a blog entry about it so i’m making up for it here. :P)

for my second tat, i wanted to have words on my skin which lead to me search my favorite poems, song lyrics and movie lines. i had quite a few which i very much liked but a line from i carry your heart by ee cummings won in the end. i actually wanted an image of a heart within a heart with the line outlining the image but my tat artist said it would look too good. so we both decided to have the words on my right side because it’ll be sexy. i wasn’t expecting it to hurt as much as it did though and it really did hurt. instead of gripping by bra and doc’s jacket to my chest, i was gripping the bench i was laying on. after 20 or so minutes of laughing to block out the pain, my tattoo was done! i’m not at the stage where i’m completely in love with my tattoo. ❤ hahaha!

i’m probably going to get a few more tattoos in the next few years. okay, so i’m kinda addicted. 😛

more pics here. =)