it’s been another activity filled weekend for me…

Friday, 2008.09.12: UNO Hottest Girls Party and Ascend Gimik

a few of my teammates and i attended the UNO Hottest Girls party at A Venue last friday in the hopes of seeing some hot women in skimpy outfits strutting their stuff. we were disappointed though. the event wasn’t prepared or conceptualized that well. we were supposed to go to the Gossipboys Pool Party but we opted not to anymore because the venue was far away. we ended up going to Ascend instead. i really am not a club girl anymore. i just get weirded out by how young and wild everyone seems to be. haaay… paminsan, manang na talaga ako. :))

Saturday, 2008.09.13: Ultimate Training at CSA and a nine-hour mall tambay

after turning in early saturday morning from ascend, we headed to CSA for ultimate training. there were only less than ten of us who showed up for that training so wendell just taught us how the proper form of throwing a backhand and forehand. we called it a day when it started raining down hard after which we headed to rockwell for lunch at banana leaf. i was supposed to go home after lunch but for reasons that are too embarrassing to be explained here i stayed on to hang out with jc, joy and jo till 9pm.

during our tambay at coffee bean, derek (ramsay) actually came over to our table to talk ultimate with mr. “macho ako” jc. needless to say, joy, jo and i were all dumbstruck grinning fools who couldn’t get a straight sentence into the conversation. he even sat on the the arm of my armchair. joy and jo said i was sitting so stiffly after he did that. despite the fact that i get to see him almost every weekend during tournaments, i still get dumbstruck because he’s so hot. hahaha! 😛

Sunday, 2008.09.14: Malakas at Maganda, Day 1 and Bern’s Dad’s Birthday Party

yey! it’s the all-men’s and all-women’s league again! the all-women’s league is really my favorite league because we gals get to play some fun, relatively stress-free ultimate. it really is different when a game is testosterone-free. our first game was against the SP girl team, Slush, which we lost by universal point, 8-7. we didn’t feel bad after the loss though because all of us stepped up in that game. there we were, 10 out-of-shape yuppies running after 16 really fit mountaineers. i really believe we could’ve won that game, we just lacked the athleticism and endurance to finish it off. but as i said, none of us felt bad about the loss because we really weren’t expecting that good of an outcome. our second game was against the women of Ultimate Warriors, which we won 13-1. we played a bit too lax in that game. it was a bad game for us… bad throws, bad catches, bad cutting and bad defense. i think that we can make it all the way to the finals if we’re consistent in the way we play. =)

joy and i didn’t join the after-game dinner with toda anymore because we had to head back to makati to shower and change for bern’s dad’s birthday party at her place…

so there’s my update of last weekend. it’s a bit late but i’ve been busy with work. 😉