• why does it seem that i spend more money shopping for a trip rather than shopping during a trip? hahaha! i bought new flats, a new camera bag (yes, coz the one i currently have is too small to fit all my camera equipment), new toiletries, a new kikay bag, and new shirts. dammit, i won’t be able to do much shopping there anymore because i’m poor already. 😦
  • i just realized this is the first “real” vacation i’m having this year. by “real”, i mean that i won’t be bringing my work laptop with me. haaay… i think i’ll be suffering from withdrawal from this laptop… NOT!!! hahaha. i’m so happy i won’t be lugging this thing all the way to singapore.
  • i don’t have a decent itinerary planned for this trip. too little planning time. oh well… i guess, we’ll be able to find some interesting stuff to do while we’re there.
  • i kinda, sorta wanted to play ultimate in singapore but i’m glad i won’t be.
  • i hope i get to meet some cute guys there. here’s to hoping right?! 😛
  • i’m excited to take lots of pictures. i’ve been in quite a photo slump recently with the lack of stuff to take pics of. hopefully i’ll get to practice my rangefinder skills here. hahaha! 🙂
  • i brought tons of film with me but i plan to look for film there. i hope it’s cheap so i can buy a lot and bring them home here. hahaha!

i can’t think of anything else to put here and i probably should get dressed and leave na. i’ll be back next week hopefully with some really juicy stuff to share. 😉 hahaha!