yeah i know, i know, this is a mid-week update already. well, i’ve been too busy and lazy to update last week properly. let me now recount the whirlwind this past few days have been for me…

friday, 2008.08.15: pre-finals day preparation

after work, joy, rissa and i went shopping in glorietta for last minute stuff we needed for the league-end party. pia and i spent the night at joy and connie’s new condo. we stayed up till 2am watching episodes of how i met your mother on pia’s laptop.

saturday, 2008.08.16: monsoon league finals day

the day of firsts…

the first time i wore soccer shorts…

eww… it really just isn’t me but since it’s part of the uniform, i’ll be wearing it from now on. 😦

the first time it rained so hard mid-day that most of the games were cancelled…

except for the top 4 seeds which we were part of. we played SP01 first and… 

the first time Chowking TODA beat SP01…

which lead to…

the first time Chowking TODA played in the finals FINALS!!!

Askalz and Chowking TODA team pic

post-game huddle. i’ve always wondered what was said here.

wacky Chowking TODA group pic

i am so proud of my team!!! we’ve come so far from where we all started. summer league was the first league we played in pool A. after a few months under wendell’s tutelage, we made it to the finals of the monsoon league. who knows what more we can accomplish if we keep our eyes on a common goal?! i don’t think any of us will be complaining much in our future trainings. 😉

personally, i have to start setting my own goals with ultimate. for me in sports, it’s always been… the spirit/mind is willing but the body is weak. i think it’s about time my body caught up with my spirit. i’m just not sure how to start a training program for myself to improve my running form and endurance. any suggestions?

the first time i wore makeup to a league end party…

oookay… so i couldn’t think of another title to put here. 😛 but it’s true, my makeup was a huge success… to the ladies! =)) nina was telling me she was turning lesbian just looking at me and ria kept saying i looked so sultry. hahaha! BUT my crush still wasn’t paying attention to me. grrr… it’s kinda depressing at this stage. 😥

thanks for doing my makeup joy!!! now, all i have to do is learn to do my own makeup so that i can look “mature” and “my age” at future parties. OR joy can keep doing my makeup nalang. =))

sunday, 2008.08.17: zoe’s first birthday party / road trip to subic / overnight @ barracks


after spending 2 hours lounging in joy/connie’s condo, i finally found my way home in time to wrap zoe’s gift and show up to her first birthday party. babies are just so cute, i really wish i had one already. seems like fate has a different plan for me in the meantime.

i was able to sleep on the road to subic. sorry nalang sa driver. hahaha! when we got to the barracks, we drank for a while and finally turned in at 3am.

monday, 2008.08.18: anvaya cove beach resort

yup, there’s mike and me with my laptop on the beach. it’s a sad, sad day when you have to bring work with you while you’re on vacation but oh well, that’s life. i was able to squeeze in a few minutes in the pool so it was all good! 😀

in spite of how much i joke about how dark i am, i really do love my color.

tuesday, 2008.08.19: suprise party for wendell / toda victory party

we suprised our ultimate coach wendell with the pretense of jogging. yeah right, as if any one of us wanted to jog after all the stuff we’ve done in the weekend! anyway, he believed us and showed up at marielle’s house ready to jog where we suprised him with food and alcohol instead. hahaha!

wednesday, 2008.08.20

today, i’m going home and sleeping early. or maybe i’ll go home then read a book and sleep at my usual time. or i could also go home and watch one of my sister’s dvds then sleep at my usual time. either way, i’m leaving the office as soon as i post this entry. 😀