i love tumblr!!! i never realized there’s so much amazing talent out there. i don’t know if you guys are noticing but the number of my links have been increasing daily because of the sites i discover through tumblr. anyway, i’d like to share a few of these links with you. 🙂


i just discovered this guy’s blog today but i went through all his archives already. hahaha! so much for high productivity at work, right? anyway, he has really funny and insightful stuff. i already flooded my tumblr with a lot of his stuff but i’ll share one of my faves here:


this guy has an amazing way with words and images.


this girl takes breathtakingly beautiful polaroid photos. it made me want to go out and buy a polaroid for myself immediately. she has this set on flickr where she writes on her polaroids and the effect is so creative and stunning.


another fun comic site here.


this girl has some wicked sketches!!!


this is a cool blog about photographs not taken. it got me thinking that maybe i should create a list of stuff i should’ve taken photographs of too. hahaha!


some really beautiful wedding photographs. it makes me want to 1) get married and 2) take wedding pictures.

*sigh* sometimes i wish i was born with the talent to create, too! :)) sometimes i think most of the creative talent in the family went to my sister. she’s not so much into photography though, so i might have hope there yet! i’ll just need to practice a lot more. 😉