… and now i’m sleepy. hehehe.

yesterday was filled with anticipation on the arrival of my copy of stephanie meyer‘s latest installment of the twilight series: breaking dawn. at first, i was worried that my copy wouldn’t arrive and that i’d have to spend the night blaming my lazy ass for having the book delivered instead of going to the bookstore and buying it. but then the call from our floor guard came informing me that powerbooks was outside with my delivery. i think i skipped out of my chair and walked as fast as i could to get my book. hahaha! okay, before you start thinking wow! this girl’s obsessed, in my defense i hardly think i’m going to pass off as a major fangirl of the series. i mean, i like the books but i don’t spend every waking moment of the day thinking about them (although there was a time i did. haha!). anyway, i just really wanted to know how the entire thing ended… you know with the human teenage girl being passionately and irrevocably in love with a vampire.

my patience was put to the test since i joined a few friends for dinner. believe me, all i wanted to do as soon as i got the book was lock myself in my room and start reading. but i had dinner first. declined an invitation to join them for drinks. and started to read on the commute home. i was done with 150 pages when i finally stepped off my mrt station. when i got home my sister shared with me some of the reviews that she had been reading online already. it seems that a lot of people are disappointed by the book.

i finished the book at around 2:30am which wasn’t so good because that left me 30 minutes to fall asleep before the “bewitching hour”. scaredy-cat that i am, i really thought it unwise to finish a vampire book by this hour. good thing i was pretty tired and fell asleep as soon as i closed the lights. 🙂

now, the verdict. how did i like the book? well, i didn’t hate it. i didn’t love it either. it was okay. i was a bit thrown off by the twist which means that it was a good plot twist. in certain ways, i think it was the perfect ending to the series. it was maybe a bit too action packed for my taste, like stephanie meyer was cramming all she could in the book since it was the last. one comment of a fan that i read and totally agree with is that it seemed like she was already imagining the movie when she wrote the book. however, if you’re a fan of the book or you’ve read the first 3 books, i’ll say read this one even just to see how it all ends.

in defense of stephanie meyer, i’d like to say this. i think it’s bad form for some people to react by saying don’t burn it, return it. i’m sure all of us have different ideas on how this is supposed to end, but let’s all remember that this is stephanie meyer’s story to tell and this was how she chose to end it. when i read a book, i suspend all my disbelief and let the storyteller lead me to his/her world. i was a bit suprised with all the backlash i’ve been reading over the net, because never once did i react this way while reading the book. as i said, i’m not much of a fan as everyone else who’s reacted probably is but cut her some slack, she is after all the author. 😀

my favorite book of the series is still new moon because it was able to get this reaction out of me. 😉

after reading the book, i suggest that you read this girl’s super hilarious review of breaking dawn: http://cleolinda.livejournal.com/630150.html. but please read it after because it’s sure to spoil you.

here’s the plot summary of the book with some of my comments. 🙂 don’t read this if you don’t want to get spoiled!!!

this book started where the last book left off. bella and edward were engaged and jacob was away nursing his broken heart. i was a bit suprised to read that bella and edward were marrying at the beginning of the book but it was a pleasant suprise. 😀 so bella and edward marry and jacob returns in time for their wedding reception. bella/edward leave for a honeymoon in south america where they finally have sex. woot! alice is funny because she packs only french lingerie and the skimpiest bikinis for bella. hahaha! anyway, 5 days (i think) into the honeymoon, bella thinks she’s pregnant (which well, really suprised me too!) and so they travel back to forks where she remains in the cullen house.

the second part of the book is told from jacob’s point of view. the cullen’s official press release is that bella caught a rare south american disease and must be quarantined. of course when jacob hears this, he demands to see her and sees that she’s pregnant and dying because of the child she was carrying. sam (the alpha male of the werewolf clan) decides that the fetus must be destroyed even if it meant killing bella too. so jacob, takes a stand and leaves his pack. seth and leah join him. and they all await the birth of bella and edward’s child which is pretty gory since the baby claws it’s way out of bella’s tummy. bella nearly dies and is turned into a vampire by edward before it’s too late. reneesmee carlie cullen is born and bella finally!!! becomes a vampire. but wait, there’s more… jacob imprints on reneesmee!!! 😉

the third part of the book is told from bella’s point of view as bella awakes from her transformation. she’s a vampire now: beautiful, graceful and immortal. as the entire cullen family prepares itself for her to wreak havok as a newborn vampire, she suprises them by showing them admirable self-control. reneesmee turns out to be an exceptional child, half-human, half-vampire with the gift of showing others her thoughts. she also is growing at an alarming rate. during an afternoon in the forest, irina (the life partner of laurent who gets killed in the 3rd book) discovers the child and reports it to the volturi (the “ruling” vampire clan). immortal children apparently are a big booboo in vampire mythology. you actually learn this in the first part of the book, i just forgot to mention it. anyway, the volturi then prepare to descend on the cullen clan, full force, as alice foresees. so they try to get as many vampires to vouch for little reneesmee. bella discovers she is a “shield”, which turns out to be really helpful during the volturi-cullen/friends meeting. thankfully, no fight occurs because alice shows up with another half-human half-vampire being and the volturi decide to withdraw.

so everything is back to normal except this time edward, bella and roseemee get to live happily ever after… until the next book. :)) i think with the number of twists and new people she’s introduced in this book, it’s not so impossible that we could have more to this series. maybe the stories won’t revolve around bella/edward because they’re finally both vampires, but the jacob-reneesmee love story is a whole other story.

*i still cut out some important parts as this is just a semi-detailed summary of what happened. :)*