most of you who really know me know that i’m a hopeless romantic. i’m all about hearts and pink flowers, impossibly sweet quotes, fairytales, mushy chick flicks, love songs and the seemingly never-ending search for true love. while browsing through my tumblr contacts’ entries today, i found an entry which led me to the most delightful love story i’ve come upon in quite a while.

rosie‘s from britain and aaron‘s from the US and they met through flickr early this year. their common love for creativity and photography turned into love for each other. the 4,500 miles that set them apart didn’t at all stop them from expressing how crazy they are over each other. they set a day per week, collaboration sunday, where they do a photo together. a few weeks ago, he finally flew to britain and now they’re finally together. it’s sounds like it’s straight from a fairytale right? what makes this love story all the more charming are the pictures these two have come up with. you just can’t help but be awed by their amazing creativity and the uniqueness of their love story.

Rosie writes: We messaged many times every day, wrote an adventure book (you might want to click on that link 😉 hehe) together, stayed up talking on gmail for hours every night until it was light outside, then began doing the same thing except with phones. It has been two months since we became addicted to each other, and I have completely fallen. We’ve yet to meet, but every day our feelings get stronger and stronger. I need him, and I am counting down the days until this photograph is reality.

Be it an ocean, be it a wall, nothing will keep me from you. by aaron

Aaron writes: Every Sunday Rosie takes an image in England and i take one in America, and we put ourselves together, even if it is just in a photo. This photo means a lot to me. It is the first time Rosie and i have touched, in our first comp, we were separated by a wall, in our second our fingers barely touched, and now we are together, as it should be.

i need you now more than ever by aaron / i am right here by rosie

Rosie writes: Someone wrote to me today and asked me how me and Aaron cope with the distance between us. After all, 4500miles is pretty far. But to be honest, I don’t really notice it. Every night when we fall asleep together on the phone it feels like he’s right next to me. Mainly because he makes really loud “sleep noises”. I’m counting down the minutes until he is jet lagged in my bed, on my pillows. ❤

wrapped up in you by rosie / love silhouetted by aaron 

sometimes i think it’s unfair how two gorgeous people end up with each other like this but then i get over myself and realize that this is what makes hopeless romantics like me thrive in this jaded world. true love is out there!!! destiny, fate and soulmates do exist!!! happily ever afters come about!!! and maybe someday, if i’m good enough, fate will turn it’s gaze on me and it’ll be my turn.