i’m doing this in bullets since i’m a bit too lazy to write it properly…

  • a few friends and i watched the lifehouse concert here in manila last saturday. they were amazing live!!! jason wade’s voice is so beautiful and consistent. i wish it were a private concert and he was singing you and me just for me. i’m sure most of the girls in the araneta stadium were thinking this too! hehehe. they didn’t sing everything though. i was looking forward to that pa naman! 😦
  • i’ve been out till the wee hours in the morning recently, drinking below zero beer at grilla. it’s fun but it’s been taking a toll on my work though. my body clock has adjusted itself to 9am and i keep showing up for work later then my usual. yes, we’re on flexitime in my office but it’s still embarrassing to show up late everyday. this week i won’t be joining the below zero club first. my body needs to reset itself.
  • day 2 of the monsoon league was played yesterday despite the strong wind and rain. we won 3 out of our 3 games which deserves a big hurrah! we played well yesterday, swinging the disc and making better decisions in throwing. amazingly my nerves weren’t so bad yesterday. i was able to catch the disc twice in the endzone. one catch was even a running semi-jump catch. i actually thought i did a really good job with the run but my teammates were telling me how poised and girl-like i still was when i caught the disc. *sigh* running is not really my thing. it’s not that i want to start looking and running like a guy in the field, i just want to look less kikay and more sporty.
  • i got called a stone-faced ice queen last night!!! hahaha. this was in comparison to a friend of mine who is kinda flirty. i know i’m generally unapproachable when it comes to guys but it still stung to hear that out loud. shet, is that the reason i’m still single?