i so loved this movie!!! i’m not much of an ABBA fan but i thoroughly enjoyed all the songs. i even bought the soundtrack last night. yes, i still buy cds! hehehe.

what perfectly cast movie!!! amanda seyfried was so cute as sophie and she carried the part so well! colin firth, pierce brosnan and stellan skarsgard brought so much humor to their roles. julie walters and christine baranski were simply hilarious!!! and meryl streep… well, i think most, if not all, who has already watched this movie will agree with me when i say that meryl streep was amazing!!! what a great talent! and to think she still can do splits at her age.

and the set was just breathtaking!!! i want to go to greece and never come back!!! hehehe.

even if you’re not a fan of musicals or ABBA, i strongly recommend that you still watch this movie! it’s a fun fun movie! hehehe.