gah! my camera lust is getting stronger (and more expensive) by the minute. my flickr and ebay page is always open nowadays. i keep on watching a lot of cameras on ebay but i haven’t bought a new one since my pentacon six purchase 2 months ago. yes, i’ve been good. 😀

here are a few cameras i’m currently drooling over…

hasselblad 500 c/m
another medium format slr. i ♥ medium format.

pics by potopoto53age

pics by edwardolive

damage to my wallet: $500 – $4,000

olympus pen f
this is a half-frame slr with 20 interchangeable lenses. cool diba? half-frame na pwede palitan yung lens!!!


pics by TommyOshima

damage to my wallet: $200 – $1,500

waah!!! i need a sugar daddy!!! hehehe. joke only! :))

there are so many inspiring pics in flickr!!! i wanna start taking beautiful pics. so far most of my pics have been “chamba” pics eh. :))

my next goals for my new hobby are:

  • run a test roll on my belomo auto villa
  • E-6 processing for various slide films (just to see how they look when processed correctly)
  • diana+ pinhole
  • use my fed3b again (i’ve neglected this camera)
  • try the ASA800 film on my pentacon baby
  • name my cameras. hehehe.