i spent the weekend pretty much doing nothing. we had a pretty strong typhoon and it didn’t stop raining from saturday night to monday morning. i worked from home today because i was too lazy to brave the commute to work. hehehe. so i’ve spent the entire day yesterday and today, practically in front of the tv. :))

north & south

my sister has been bugging me to watch this bbc tv series and sunday’s continuous downpour was the perfect excuse for me to sit down to this 4-hour mini-movie. it’s a period love story set in the industrial revolution (i think). the plot isn’t new: proud, self-made man falls in love with a prejudiced independent young woman almost like pride & prejudice. but when has a familiar plot ever stopped me from loving a love story?! i loved it so much that i wanted to watch it again the instant it ended! (once again, my sister is shaking her head and thinking… i told you so!)

this is my absolute favorite scene of the movie! *spoiler alert* this is part of the final scene so don’t click play if you plan to watch it in it’s entirety.

this just makes me want to start singing will someone ever look at me that way? from yentl.

Look at how he looks at her
Will someone ever I look at me that way-
Full of all the feelings and the soft
Unspoken words that lovers say?

oh, and that kiss!!! i’d give a whole lot to be kissed like that!!! *sigh*

shanghai ultimate ’08

astig ang team pilipinas!!! galing!!!

hmm… when will i play this well kaya? libre naman mangarap diba? :))

film love

i finally got to do an inventory of all my films and cameras last weekend. i think i see what papi is talking about now, that if i do reach the Php 100,000 mark on my camera and film expenses that he’d have to start looking for a boyfriend for me. ahihihi… i didn’t realize i had this much film. :)) but i do love film photography. i’m no way near becoming remotely good yet but it’s so much more fun and fulfilling to me than digital photography. hopefully someday i’ll be able to visualize and capture perfect moments on film. 😀