…but i’ve been kinda sorta medyo busy these past few weeks

so here’s a super short update on what’s happened…

subic getaway

the perfect long weekend… a road trip to subic for sun, sand, ultimate frisbee, lots of picture taking, swimming, drinking, dancing and bonding!!! how i wish it were always this easy to get away from the hustle and bussle of the city!!!

check out my flickr for my pics from that weekend. 😀

rissa’s birthday celebration

on my frustrated dreams

i watched lea salonga’s concert sunday night on tv (because i was too cheap and tamad to watch it live). once again, as with every other time i hear lea sing, i was filled with the biggest sense of longing to quit my job and pursue my dream of becoming a broadway star. i can hear some of you now saying that it isn’t too late. truth is, although i would love to be a broadway star i’m just too shy and vocally untrained to be one. i did make a promise to myself to attend a workshop one summer though. my goal for 2009! 😀

nadal love

nadal won over djokovic in the stella artois finals! yey! actually, i would have been happy if either of them won because i have huge crushes on both of them.

on becoming an ultimate machine

wendell, one of the best ultimate players in the philippines, has been really generous in extending his help in training my team. so now instead of “light” trainings on tuesdays and thursdays, we have very intense and tiring sessions. and when i say intense, i mean intense! kamusta naman sa sangkatutak na sprints with 10 pushups for each drop of the disc?! :S but i’m glad because my forehand is back and my endurance is improving a whole lot. i can’t wait for the next league!!!

a work dilemma

i have to choice to move to another module in my department. thing is, i feel so unexperienced and i fear failure. one of my officemates told me there’s nothing to fear though. so i might be shifting modules soon. 😉

so that’s it so far i guess. i’ll try to write a better update next week. hehehe. 😀